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Class 3 automatic weapons

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by warth0g, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. warth0g

    warth0g Well-Known Member

    One simpel question:

    How many transferable class 3 weapons are there?

    just curios.

  2. ShackleMeNot

    ShackleMeNot Well-Known Member



    The truth is that noone knows. Not even the BATFE.
  3. lwsimon

    lwsimon Well-Known Member

    42 is the answer, but not to that question... :0)
  4. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Zero. No such thing as a "Class 3 weapon."

    There are tens upon tens of millions of automatic weapons. Do you mean fully automatic?

    Weapons are Title I or Title II (the NFA recodified into the SSA of '68 into which machine guns fall). Title II weapons include short rifles, short shotguns, any other weapons [umbrella guns, etc.], destructive devices (e.g. hand grenades), weapons in militree caliber over .50, fully automatic weapons, and now some shotguns.

    Dealers and makers are Classes, e.g. Class 2 or 7. If you buy a machine gun from a Dealer with a Class 7 rating, do you own a Class 7 weapon? :D

    Your answer: no one has any idea. ATFE record keeping is less than ideal. New machine guns are "discovered" routinely. Records are stolen or lost by angry ATF employees or by neglect almost daily.
  5. warth0g

    warth0g Well-Known Member

    El Tejon:

    Ok, some background, what I refer to as "class 3" weapons are weapons who can fire fully automatic fire, and who can be sold and resold to private citisens.

    Is it 5000 or 50 000? 100 000?

    Which number do you think is nearest?

    Hope you understand my question... :)

  6. harvester of sorrow

    harvester of sorrow Well-Known Member

    Last I heard, the BATFE estimated that there were around 150,000 transferable machineguns. Nobody knows the real number though, could be way above that.

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