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Club Heritage 22

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by whichfinger, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    I ain't normally a "joiner," nor am I an instigator (unless I can get away with "let's you and him fight" :evil:). But a potential Rough Rider owner PMed asking me to start a thread for Heritage owners and people interested in the brand, so here it is. If you own a Heritage of any caliber, please feel free to add your knowledge and experience, good or bad, to this thread. If you're considering adding one to your armory, please feel free to ask questions. If your mission in life is to bash Heritage revolvers, please feel free to go in peace and take a cold shower. The whole world knows that Ruger is the sacred god of the single-action revolver world. Please, no "save another two-hundred bucks and buy a used Ruger" posts.

    I have two Rough Riders, both with the extra magnum cylinder. The first one I bought has a 6.5" barrel, adjustable sights, a satin finish, and grips refinished to resemble ivory. This one is far more accurate than I am. It's a gem, and I love shooting it.


    The second one has a 5.5" barrel, fixed sights, a blued finish, and cocobolo grips. It shoots high and to the right, and there's no simple way to correct it, though I'm open to suggestions. (Hint: I already know I can take it to a gunsmith. I also know it would probably cost me more than the gun is worth. Hint two: I also know I could send it to Heritage, but they insist I do it on my nickel, which is closer to $40-$50 worth of nickels. It galls me to have to pay 1/3 the price of the gun to have the factory fix a manufacturing defect.:cuss:)


    I like them both, though the first one is my favorite. I know the sights are off on the second, and I can compensate to some degree, so I use it to plink cans that try to sneak into striking range. :D I use Number One to drop them when they think they're out of range. If no one can come up with a non-destructive "Bubba" fix, there's always my two-pound sledge. ;) Heritage 22lr/.22mag revolvers are inexpensive, fun shooters. Anyone have one (or more) of their big-bore brothers?
  2. 461

    461 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to hear from any of the centerfire owners. I had a buddy with a .22lr/mag years ago and it was an ok shooter.
  3. ShakyJake

    ShakyJake Well-Known Member

    Club Heritage

    Hi whichfinger
    I also have the shorter RR in blue with fixed sites, but have the hideous laminated woodwork.:barf: I am in the process of deciding what to do about it. As far as shooting, mine is a tad high and to the left,which is ok as my Virginian/Hammerli .357 is almost exactly the same. The RR is a very good little plinker and has been quite accurate to POA both .22lr and .22mag. And it is more like $250-300 difference between a new RR and a blued used SS Ruger around here in central Fl. recently.:eek: The RR is a good value understanding what you are getting. You may want to try different brands of ammunition, including the hyper-velocity. If it is shooting high, getting out of the barrel faster, may lower it a bit. Windage is another matter. Since it is a "five-shooter" you may try practicing some instinct shooting just below your line of sight. I have and have started to get it grouping toward the center of paper dessert plates at 15ft. FUN. Sights basically become non-issue. Other way is the way Jim Cirillo taught which was to raise the gun up so barrel was aligned with eyes. Qiuckly set gun so barrel was not visible top, right, left or down. The whole gun is basically the site. used for less than 15ft. if I remember. I am like you do not care to "play"with fixed site guns.
    Anyway, also hope to hear from some more owners of an "other" American made SA revolver.
    TaKe CaRe
  4. Craig_VA

    Craig_VA Well-Known Member

    Talk about coincidental timing. I've had the wants for a .22 revolver for about 6 months, and had considered the S&W, Ruger Single Six, and Heritage RR. Had not shot any, but based on online reviews, and a rough price line of $600, $400, and $200, respectively, decided to find a Rough Rider. For a fun plinker that seemed the best fun per dollar deal.
    I had located a Heritage dealer, but they only get half a dozen in stock at odd intervals, and sell out right away. Yesterday (7/5) I called to ask when the next batch was due in. None scheduled, but they did have one left from the last order. "I'll come right down."
    Picked up a RR in .22 (both cylinders), blued, pearl handles, and fixed sights. Except for the handles, it looks a whole bunch like the blued gun in the first post. Right perdy.
    First range session was today. I alternated shooting it and a couple of .38's. I love the way it feels in my hand. Was only working close distances (8 yards max), and am getting used to the sights.
    Gonna enjoy shooting this one. Next trip out, I'll convince the wife to try it in addition to her S&W 41. She loves that one and it is hard to get her to switch. Oh, and of course, she generally out shoots me with it.

  5. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    The grips on my Number One were camo. Krylon Ivory paint, a couple of topcoats of Krylon Gloss Clear Acrylic, preceded by some light work with fine sandpaper took care of that.

    ?? It has a very effective hammer block. I've never worried about loading it full up.

    Yes, you are. :D Something I discovered early on when shooting a SA: you don't burn through ammo nearly as fast as a semiauto, and it's a whole lot easier to collect your spent brass for recycling.
  6. Craig_VA

    Craig_VA Well-Known Member

    Sight Adjustment

    whichfinger said,
    "It shoots high and to the right, and there's no simple way to correct it, though I'm open to suggestions"
    From the Heritage FAQ:


    * Just remember this simple formula:

    o If it shoots high - you need a taller sight
    o If it shoots low - you need a shorter sight. You can accomplish this by lightly filing the front of your sight to lower it.
    o If it shoots to the left - you slightly bend the sight to the left
    o If it shoots to the right - you slightly bend the sight to the right

    OK -I can understand bending the front sight. But, uh, how do you make it taller? Leave a glob of chewing gum on it?

  7. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    "...how do you make it taller? Leave a glob of chewing gum on it?"

    Exactly. I have some JB Weld, but geez ...
  8. KiltedClaymore

    KiltedClaymore Well-Known Member

    i love my rough rider. here is a question: if it only came with the .22lr cylander, can i order a magnum cylander for it and will it work?
  9. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day Well-Known Member

    I've had one for about ten or eleven years- the .22 version with fixed sights. I have no idea how many thousands of rounds I've put through it. I finally wore off the notches on the hammer so it wouldn't cock any more. I sent off for a new hammer, cylinder, and cylinder hand, installed them, and she's good for tens of thousands more rounds.
    Mine shot slightly to the left when I bought it. I little bend of the front sight fixed that. I've started several new shooters off on it using .22 shorts. It's got no discernable recoil, has an easy trigger, and forces them to cock the hammer each time they fire.
    It's been a fun plinker and well worth the little money I put down on it.
  10. ShakyJake

    ShakyJake Well-Known Member


    Hi whichfinger,
    Looks like you have a winner here with Club Heritage.:D Got to be a lot out there for the company to remain in business so long. Thanks much for the woodwork suggestion, it will be tried when I get back from my trip. Need to explain that I have a Virginian Hammerli .357. Ironically both shoot to almost exactly same POA.:cool: Since it is SAA 4click lockwork, I KISS and only load SA's with 5, and DA's with 6. Helps my old brain with routine.;) The RR is the steel frame model. A little more heft. Thanks again for the suggestion and the forum.
    TaKe CaRe
  11. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    Hard as it is to believe, I've never seen a bad review of a Rough Rider in print, discounting those who've never owned one. There will always be someone who bought one and had a bad experience, but there isn't a gun made that hasn't disappointed somebody.

    You're welcome. I've found the finish to be a bit on the soft side, so you'll need to be careful when setting it down or using it to rearrange someone's phrenological profile.:evil:

    Makes perfect sense.
  12. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    KiltedClaymore wrote:
    I see no reason why not. Mosey over to their web site and leave an email, and/or poke around for any info.
  13. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    Craig_VA wrote:
    Okay, okay! ;) I'm not a fan of brute force adjustments to precision instruments, since past experience has shown me I either make it worse or break it. But I finally screwed up the courage to bend the sight. First try worked out fine. Now all I gotta contend with is shooting high part, about two inches at 7 yards.

    /eyeballing that tube of JB Weld ...
  14. Craig_VA

    Craig_VA Well-Known Member

    Range & Sight Report

    Wife and I headed to the range this morning after church. (This is or normal routine.) She stuck with her .22 semi, S&W Model 41. I alternated between that and my brand new RR .22. This was only second time at the range for the Heritage.
    This time I used the bench rest to really check the (fixed) sights on the Heritage. I am most pleased to report that I had great groupings right at center. It appears my fixed sight Rough Rider had them fixed pretty well at the factory.

  15. whichfinger

    whichfinger Well-Known Member

    Dontcha wish you could do that offhand? :D What ammo were you shooting? Specifically, bullet weight? I've been sticking mostly with the bulk stuff - 38-40 grain, Federal, Win SuperX, Remington Golden Bullets.
  16. Craig_VA

    Craig_VA Well-Known Member


    Federal bulk, 550 rounds / box from WallyWorld.
    I actually prefer it to the standard round Remington.

  17. ShakyJake

    ShakyJake Well-Known Member

    Where you go

    Gee, I go away for a few days and I can't hardly find ya'll.:confused: Just got back from my Asthma Educators conference. My gun safe is the real wonder safe. When you lock it you wonder if the combination will work next time.:eek: It was my late brother-in-law's and was on his sail boat which he lived on. He kept it in the lower space for gun storage and ballast, without the door. Not meant for security. When he passed, did not leave the combination.:rolleyes: Being a Foley locksmith graduate in another life, I dusted off my old book and took the door apart and eureka actually solved the combination.:D It is old and a bit worn, but does work (most of the time) It just takes patience. Did get it open on the third attempt. Only use this safe when going away for days at a time. Have other arrangements for daily security. Will now address the grips on the Rough Rider. Good to be back. ;)
    TaKe CaRe
  18. KiltedClaymore

    KiltedClaymore Well-Known Member

    im in!:)

    picked mine up at a gunshow NIB for $130.
  19. ShakyJake

    ShakyJake Well-Known Member


    Finally have time to address the grips. Hope to have them done in the next week or so. Getting them on the board may be another thing. Still shooting great tho.
    TaKe CaRe
  20. theNoid

    theNoid Well-Known Member

    Hey I would like to thanks for all whom have participated in the club here. I would certainly like to thank whichfinger for starting it for us. Based upon your help here, my good bud Buzz has purchased and loves his RR. He ended up getting model pic'd below. So far we have gone through hundreds upon hundreds of rounds and not problem yet and don't expect to see any. So far shooting off hand (all we have done) killing beer cans and such from 10-25yrds, it doesn't miss if you do your job. It also apperas to be just as accurate with the 22mag cylinder...a bonus since he really likes the BANG of the magnums
    Thanks again to all in the club here, it is much appreciated.


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