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CMP help question

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bridger, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. Bridger

    Bridger New Member

    Well, I hope this is the right forum for it.

    I'm trying to get my M1 garand to help round out my WWII collection, but I'm not exactly what I'm supposed to put in that colored box on page four of the form:


    Any help?

    Pics will follow when I get the rifle! :cool:
  2. mhdishere

    mhdishere New Member

    It looks like the form has to be notarized. Go to a Notary Public and sign it in his/her presense. You'll have to bring ID too. The Notary will stamp the form and sign it, this is proof that you showed ID to this person and that the person in the ID is the person signing the form.
  3. Bridger

    Bridger New Member

    Pardon me, but I am still young but uh, what's a Notary Public, and where would I find one? The post office? Thanks.
  4. Marnoot

    Marnoot New Member

    A notary public is someone who certifies documents to be signed by who they say they're signed by. You show them your ID and sign it in their presence, and they stamp it to show it to be authentic. The best place to go is usually your bank or credit union, they'll have a notary and will usually do it for free if you have an account there. Just go there and tell them you need to get this document notarized.
  5. TimRB

    TimRB New Member

    mhdishere is right. That box is for a notary public to sign and stamp. A notary public is sort of a professional witness. You take this paper, unsigned, to the notary public and then sign it in his presence. The notary looks at your drivers's license, or whatever other ID you have brought, and then signs and stamps the form. The stamp is verification that you really are who you say you are.

    Look in the phone book to find notaries. Many banks, real estate offices, and "office service" (photocopy) places have them, but you may have to make an appointment. You will certainly have to pay a fee--anywhere from a few bucks to 20-30.

  6. Bridger

    Bridger New Member

    Ok, thanks!
  7. Houndawg

    Houndawg New Member

    You should never have to pay $20-30 for a Notary. They are limited by law as to how much they can charge, and it's usually around $2-3.
  8. Bridger

    Bridger New Member

    Well, I got that taken care of for 2 bucks. Now to get this CMP stuff out in the mail!

    Thanks again
  9. NEtracker

    NEtracker New Member

    Notaries at banks around here are free. Of course, then they kinda give me the "look". I have opted to never have my wife notorize anything for me, since then I would have some explaining to do! (Hope she doesn't see all the CMP boxes in the attic!):D
  10. mhdishere

    mhdishere New Member

    I used to get stuff notarized at a dry cleaner, also at a news stand. Nowadays I just ask my wife, she's a notary. She doesn't charge me either (unless you count the shopping trips!).

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