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CMP - Response Time

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Triumph, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Triumph

    Triumph Well-Known Member

    Got my DBU (Don't Bother Us) email from CMP on 2/6/2013 stating they had received my order.

    Crickets every since.

    Did anyone else get their DBU around this timeframe & have you heard back (on charging or shipping)?
  2. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    I got a DBU in February for two receivers order at the end of January. No e-store hit yet. And then there will be another wait.

    In 2009, I ordered a rifle in April and did not receive it until August.
  3. mgkdrgn

    mgkdrgn Well-Known Member

    patience grasshopper ... well worth the wait
  4. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat Well-Known Member

    i'm right there with you. they got my paperwork 1/18 and i received the DBU email 2/6. i haven't heard anything since and there's nothing showing up in the e-store.

    tom petty was right. the waiting is the hardest part.
  5. Triumph

    Triumph Well-Known Member

    Someone on the CMP just informed me that today's CMP newsletter says they are currently working on orders received on 1/9. I don't know if that means DBUs sent on 1/9 or orders that got to eStore on 1/9.

    In any event I'll just reset my expectations to Christmas & then be surprised if they come sooner :D
  6. Triumph

    Triumph Well-Known Member

  7. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    Yep. The Order Timeline thread is your friend.

    Last year when I ordered my Garand+ammo, the wait was just under a month.

    I ordered some ammo in early January of this year, and it finally shipped yesterday (after 2 months).
  8. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    Generally, when CMP says they are working of a certain date, it is the date the orders were received by them. The DBU is only an acknowledgment that they have received your order and they have the necessary information to proceed processing it.

    The order then goes in the processing que.

    Be patient.
  9. tahunua001

    tahunua001 Well-Known Member

    I got mine around that time and got an email when it shipped, 2 business days later it was at my door, that was 2 days ago.

    you should be getting your shipping confirmation and tracking number any day now.
  10. Sebastian the Ibis

    Sebastian the Ibis Well-Known Member

    My ammo order from late January is now in transit.
  11. Dr. Leaky

    Dr. Leaky Member

    My order was received on 1/25, DBU on 2/8 and nothing since. I have learned that I really am NOT the patient kind.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2013
  12. Litefoot

    Litefoot Well-Known Member

    These (CMP) are great people operating under extraordinarily difficult circumstances right now. They're making sure you'll be happy with what they send you. I mean, they could start chucking rifles in boxes without proper inspection and get them flying out the door. But that's not the way they operate. Trust me.
  13. Triumph

    Triumph Well-Known Member

    Understand - They do what they do for the love of the Garand. I am more than happy to wait.

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