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CO, SC & WV CCW permit holders

Discussion in 'Activism' started by jwharris, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. jwharris

    jwharris Active Member

    Is there any movement to get CCW permit reciprocity between CO, SC and WV?

    Generally what keeps a state from having reciprocity?

    Specifically, does anyone know the story regarding these three states?

    J W
  2. over50

    over50 Member

    SC is trying to change

    S.C. has a bill, now in the process, to change the reciprocity standard. If passed, the new standard will be to recognize any current,valid ccw from any resident of another state. There have been attempts to render the changes useless, but it made it through the senate as of Thursday and has been sent to the house for their concurrence on minor changes the senate made. If The house ok's the changes it will go to the Governor for his signature and become law. THe bill number is 3212, you can go to the sc legislature website and find the amended bill as it now reads. That should open up reciprocity with a lot of states for S.C.
  3. O C

    O C Well-Known Member

    Co Ccw

    Colorado passed a bill so that a resident of CO had to have a COLO CCW. I'm not sure about a visitors rights, I think they will honor a CCW from the state of residence only ( Could be wrong on this )
  4. Mr. Designer

    Mr. Designer Well-Known Member

    I hope SC passes the bill. It's would make things much easier.
  5. Crimp

    Crimp Well-Known Member

    WV just added AZ and now has full reciprocity with 12 or 13 states. IMO, the Attorney General, Darrell McGraw, has been slow to do his job in this area, but we are very slowly gaining. I don't know if CO and SC are on his list, but here's the AG's phone no: 304-558-2021, Fax: (304) 558-0140.
  6. btg3

    btg3 Well-Known Member

    I overheard a GA permit holder say that SC will not reciprocate with GA because GA does not require a test (written? proficiency?).
    This is merely hearsay, so don't confuse it with more carefully researched and factual info that hopefully someone will post.
  7. NGIB

    NGIB Well-Known Member

    Georgia does not require either a class or proficiency test and I think this is what bothers SC. If you look at SC reciprocity, it is much less than most of the surrounding states...
  8. rdalrymple

    rdalrymple Active Member

    SC House bill H.3212 passed the senate last Thursday, but with amendments so it's back to the house now. The original house version would have simply recognized any valid permit from another state, no reciprocity needed. The current (amended) language reads ...

    "Valid out-of-state permits to carry concealable weapons held by a resident of a reciprocal state must be honored by this State, provided, that the reciprocal state requires an applicant to successfully pass a criminal background check and a course in firearm training and safety."

    I think this is likely to pass, but, as noted above, Georgia still won't qualify for reciprocity because they don't require the training. The new law, assuming it passes, will be better than the old, but it's a shame the senate couldn't just pass the simple house version.
  9. redneckrepairs

    redneckrepairs Well-Known Member

    CO is not and likely will not be proactive on expanding states it has reciprocity with . The policy of CO is that it will recognize any and all states that recognize the CO ccw . So to carry in CO you must first have a ccw from your HOME state ( co no longer recognizes non resident permits ) and second induce your state to recognize COs . Once the CO ag receives notice a state recognizes the CO permit the addition to the roles CO recognizes is pretty automatic .
  10. Diamondback6

    Diamondback6 Well-Known Member

    Georgia doesn't, but maybe Florida will, since it doesn't specify what kind of "training"...

    As for Colorado, they need to give their Legislature a collective smack upside the head for that one--until they reverse that move, I'm taking my $$$ to Utah, Wyoming and other places that will actually respect my rights instead.
  11. jwharris

    jwharris Active Member

    This is all helpful information.

    Based on the above, it sounds like:
    a) calls/faxes to the WV's AG office might be helpful,
    b) emails to the SC sponsors of H.3212 to thank them for bringing the bill to the house so that they stay strong through the negotiations, and
    c) contacting CO's AG once we hear a state has recognized the CO CCW so that he knows we're anxiously awaiting his recognition of that fact with formally adding them to list of approved CCWs.

    So the contact info is all in one place--
    a) The WV AG is currently Darrell McGraw and his contact info is phone no: 304-558-2021, fax: 304-558-0140 (as provided by Crimp and confirmed at http://www.wvago.gov/contact.cfm).

    b) The SC sponsors of H.3212 are Representatives Greg Delleney (fgd@schouse.org), Michael.A. Pitts (PittsM@schouse.org), Nikki Randhawa Haley (HaleyN@schouse.org), Kris Crawford (CrawfordK@schouse.org), Converse Chellis (now State Treasurer), Garry R. Smith (SmithG@schouse.org), Phil Owens (owensp@schouse.org), Rex Rice (RFR@schouse.org), David Weeks (JDW@schouse.org), Thad Viers (ViersT@schouse.org), Gary Simrill (JGS@schouse.org), Eric Bedingfield (BedingfieldE@schouse.org), Ted Martin Vick (VickT@schouse.org), Jeff Duncan (DuncanJ@schouse.org), Mick Mulvaney (MulvaneyM@schouse.org), Leon Stavrinakis (StavL@schouse.org), Alan Clemmons (ClemmonsA@schouse.org) and Annette Young (ADY@schouse.org) (sources are here and here).

    c) The CO AG's is currently John Suthers and his contact info is phone no: (303)866-4500, fax: (303)866-5691 (http://www.ago.state.co.us/contact_us.cfm).
  12. Czar

    Czar Well-Known Member

    Colorado does update the reciprocity list with some degree of bureaucratic frequency. I have a CO CCW and am an AR native, and I believe it was just in 2007 that CO and AR have reciprocity. I know 2 years ago we did not so I could not carry visiting family.

    As said before, CO will reciprocate any resident permit from any state which recognizes a CO CWW. Basically, its just getting the respective AG’s Offices talking and updating the list.

    CO requires a background check, training course, but no test. The training courses have their own test though, so I don’t know if that meets SC’s law… Either way, I’m sure a nice letter to the Attorneys General would get the ball rolling, especially if you get each state’s statutes on CCW and include them.

    They may not work faster than a speeding slug, but those gears tend to grind slow but sure.
  13. jwharris

    jwharris Active Member

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