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Cold weather carry methods

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Oleg Volk, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. Oleg Volk

    Oleg Volk Moderator Emeritus

    I am at a loss for ideas here. Nashville weather turned very cold, and I have to wear a heavy coat all zipped up. While I have no worry of goblins, the neighborhood is teeming with miscellaneous unrestrained dogs. I'd like to have some method of dealing with them.

    Currently, I can't draw from any belt or IBW holsters, or from pant pocket. My big flap pockets and lapel pockets on the coat are hard to access quickly. Other than putting a Y-harness over the coat (too conspicuous), what options do I have for quickly accessible carry of something reasonably potent and operable with thick gloves?
  2. Walosi

    Walosi Well-Known Member

    Being only 70 miles distant, we share the same weather (especially this week :mad: ) but we're a bit more rural here which may allow some leeway. I go to a "belly" rig when it gets into single digits. I wear a heavy T shirt, or long-sleeved undershirt, shirt (wool if possible, dress shirt with tie if forced) and a heavy wool pullover. The outer coat goes over this, but stays open, at least enough so that the off-hand can clear it. Sweater covers the gun, and is cleared by the gun hand. The gloves are another problem - I don't wear them, usually. If I'm out long enough for the cold to get to my hands, I wear loose mittens which I can "wipe" off against my side.
  3. Eamonn Wright

    Eamonn Wright Active Member

    Although I'm not too high on shoulder rigs, I've found that they are a decent answer to the cold weather/heavy outer garment question. I wear several layers in this weather (15 f) and have no problem wearing a Mitch Rosen shoulder rig over all, and directly under a jacket or parka. Outer zipper goes 1/2 way down, hand goes in jacket, & onto weapon. No fumbling under fleece or sweatshirts, etc. No printing under winter jacket, either.
  4. Peetmoss

    Peetmoss Well-Known Member

    Oleg what is very cold?

    The low here this week has been below 0 and high about 15. I have no problems drawing my Glock from my OWB rotoholster from Sidearmor in these conditions. My cover garaments are a insulated flannel shirt and a carhart barn coat both unbuttoned. I was very comfortable. Myself I am wondering how hard it will be to carry the G19 in spring and summer were my cover garments will be limited by the high tempeture.
  5. justice4all

    justice4all Well-Known Member

    Snaps, rather than buttons or zippers, are the preferred method of closure.

    Wear gloves either big enough to wipe off, or small enough to not create a problem.

    Carry a full size under your coat, and something like a snub nose in whatever pocket works.

    Pay more attention, because you will be slower.
  6. boing

    boing Well-Known Member

    New coat?

    Pocket-carry pockets for my P11 have become the first thing I look for in a new coat.
  7. Walosi

    Walosi Well-Known Member

    Eamonn & Peet, our weather lately has been right in there with yours - had a 4 here last night, and the lows are supposed to be at or below 20 all next week.
    The Carhart coats (especially with blanket linings) are some of the best cover garments out there. I wear one over a Carhart quilted vest, with a 624 in a DeSantis shoulder rig. Bulky enough and common enough, around here, that the combo is totally unnoticeable. If Oleg is moving in business circles, even in the "Country Capitol", he may not be able to take advantage of them.
  8. Walosi

    Walosi Well-Known Member


    There is an outfit in Nashville called The Burlington Coat Factory. Cover garment fever can become as obsessive as holster lust at times, and I've threatened to take a run though that place despite Nashvilles' congested traffic and mall crowds. And the fact that when I bring it up, the wife hides the credit cards.
  9. JOE

    JOE Member

    it's -20 up here..........yes-20 and i carry my .44 mag 3" crossdraw...........
  10. Walosi

    Walosi Well-Known Member

    JOE -
    I've been looking for a CD rig for a 3" N Frame - what are you using?
  11. JOE

    JOE Member

    A $ 16 UNCLE MIKE'S ........nylon...........
  12. mrstang01

    mrstang01 Well-Known Member


    If your taste runs more to leather, I heartily recommend El Paso Saddlery for N frame leather, they'll get my order shortly for one for my new to me 3" N frame 624 Lew Horton Special.
  13. JOE

    JOE Member

    LEW HORTON.........NICE.........I JUST GOT ONE OF THE 25TH ANNV.........IT'S A HANDFULL.......
  14. mrstang01

    mrstang01 Well-Known Member

    I'm anxious to get my hands on it, it should make a dandy cold weather / home defense revolver.
  15. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    Cold snap??? What's that?? Here in the valley of the sun, it got up to 76 degrees and will fall to the unheard of temp of 44 tonight!! :eek: :neener:
    I wear what I always wear. Jeans and a loose t-shirt. I carry the "piece" in a Galco IWB holster, which is covered up by the shirt. Sorry if this ain't much help, but if you got it, flaunt it!!! :neener: :neener: :neener:
  16. sm

    sm member

    Fingerless wool gloves come in handy.
    many a time whilst hunting used one for shooting hand and a regular glove on off hand.

    Good idea to check CCW with gloves, Murphy's law you know.
  17. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams Well-Known Member

    I got a

    really nice Columbia(I know I know they are antis, but it was FREE and I'm on a budget) coat as a gift. It has slash pockets in on either side on the chest, and they are an absolutely great place to have a concealed handgun. You can walk around casually with your hands in your pockets with gun in hand. Very nice.

  18. Wildalaska

    Wildalaska member

    Method 1

    Shoulder rig over fleece vest, under half buttoned coat...

    Method 2 (my preferred)

    Mouse gun in pocket...

    Rip off gloves with teeth, grab gun, bang!

    Important note..never, during winter, carry SOB...

  19. STEVE M

    STEVE M Well-Known Member

    Hi Oleg, I didn't know you moved down here. I live in Smyrna

    and work in Nashville. You didn't say how long you are going to

    be out in the weather. If I'm moving from parking lot to building I

    just wear thin leather gloves (no liners) and have my coat

    snapped, but not zipped, and rely on my SIG220 on my hip. If

    I'm going to be out in the elements for a while a S&W Centenial

    Airweight is added in the outer coat pocket. If need be it can be shot thru the pocket.

    For the canines you mentioned a walking stick works about as

    well and helps when the sidewalks get slippery.
  20. Betty

    Betty Well-Known Member

    Oleg, Oleg... you posted and didn't bother to ask your Runt to see how it's done? :p

    - Wear a coat that's flexible, easy to move around in. Preferably with not alot of snag points. Mine's a heavy nylon with a zipper, so movements are easy without alot of friction.

    - Don't zip it up. That inhibits movement and makes your gun hard to get to.

    - Make sure the sleeves aren't too long or you risk the slide of a semiauto snagging on it when firing.

    - Wear nice tight gloves that you can grip your gun with - mine are leather Thinsulate gloves.

    If you're carrying around the belt and not the coat pocket, I find it easist to draw like this:

    - If you carry anywhere in the strong side to SOB position, put your gun hand flat down on your hip. Move your hand up against your thigh, naturally brushing your coat up over the gun. (Don't pick a coat that's too long!)

    - Keep moving your hand up until you reach and grab your gun. Now draw as you normally would - it should be a quick and easy draw without the coat in the way. I've found this way easier and alot faster than trying to move the coat aside like a curtain and digging my gun out from around it.

    There's been plenty of Runt sightings there. :p

    Don't worry about mall traffic - Burlington Coat Factory is located in the remains of the 100 Oaks Mall; a near-dead mall that survives through very few shops. Take 65 South all the way there - southbound traffic isn't that bad if you avoid rush hour.

    They do have a nice selection of coats & clothes that can conceal most everybody's guns. :p

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