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Collapsible stock on 20" AR?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Kenshin, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Kenshin

    Kenshin Well-Known Member

    Has anybody tried this? How does it balance? It IS handier, right?
  2. sacp81170a

    sacp81170a Well-Known Member

    I've got one on my Armalite HBAR. It works great if you've got a vertical grip on the forearm. A little heavy toward the front, but that makes it hang correctly from a single point sling.
  3. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Balance is OK, it is handier.
    It still suffers from the flaw of all collapsing stock AR models.
    The receiver extension, (buffer tube), is left too exposed.
    Drop the rifle just right, fall on the weapon just right, butt stroke an opponent or use the weapon to batter a door open and you risk bending the tube and rendering the weapon out of commision.
  4. Kharn

    Kharn Well-Known Member

    I have one on a rifle with a Bushmaster A3 upper, 20" Govt-profile 1:7" barrel with A2 FH and bayonet lug. It balances ok, I'm only 5'8", so I like the adjustability.

  5. Zeke Menuar

    Zeke Menuar Well-Known Member

    Put one on my CMMG AR.

    It makes the gun much easier to use for HD


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