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Colt Combat Python ( 3 inch Barrel )

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by deller, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. deller

    deller New Member

    I've a 3 inch Combat Python which according to Colt was 1 of 500 made. It's been fired perhaps 24 rounds and other than that secured in my safe for 15+ years. It came with factory sight inserts and I have the original box and papers for it.
    Can anyone give me an idea as to value on this?
  2. schwantz

    schwantz New Member

    I have the same exact gun (confirmed by Colt factory letter) and they generally sell in $2000+ range.
  3. dfariswheel

    dfariswheel New Member

    Or MORE.

    Colt Pythons are going crazy in price, and the genuine non-fake 3" Python is worth A LOT of money.
    At sale in an internet gun auction like Gunbroker.com it can bring astounding prices.
    I haven't seen a 3" sell for $5000.....YET, but the prices are headed that way.

    Lately, phony 3" Pythons have been selling for astronomical prices.
  4. deller

    deller New Member

    I'm surprised at the prices as well and greatly appreciate your feedback.
    I obtained the gun new at a gun show and it is witout a doubt the real Mccoy.
    The prices I've had suggested range from $1500 to $2500. It may be best to go the auction route as 500 of this model make it extremly difficult to find.
  5. schwantz

    schwantz New Member

    I would definitely go the auction route. Set a reserve that you can live with and go from there.
  6. deller

    deller New Member

    Combat Python

    Schwartz. You will be surprised to hear that according to an on line appraiser our 3 inch Combat Pythons do not exist. Nor were any such guns made by Colt.

    So much for the vast knowledge of on line appraisers.
  7. schwantz

    schwantz New Member

  8. deller

    deller New Member


    Thanks for posting your certificate. It confirms everything the Colt rep told me over the phone. One odd thing about these 500 weapons was that Colt did not assign then special serial numbers even though per Colt they were a Limited Edition. ( or at least that what I was told by the Colt rep. )

    My on line appraiser says that my gun sounds like a Colt Python Elite. To his credit I did not send pictures so perhaps he thinks I'm incapable of reading the words "Combat Python" on the barrel of the gun.
  9. schwantz

    schwantz New Member

    Just out of curiosity, is your python's serial number in the same general range as mine?
  10. deller

    deller New Member

    Combat Python

  11. schwantz

    schwantz New Member

    Thanks for posting. I was always curious since they don't appear to have special serial numbers if they all were in the same general range.
  12. deller

    deller New Member

  13. Boocoo

    Boocoo New Member

    I have A 3" COLT PYTHON with ser# T738XX So they are real and not cheap.
  14. schwantz

    schwantz New Member

    Here is a very interesting thread regarding 3" Pythons from Coltforums.com

    Combat Pythons
  15. Boocoo

    Boocoo New Member

    The California Combat" Python and combat python are not the same gun. we all can agree to that with pic to prove it.

    All i know is that the 3" combat pythons are real. And most and i think should start with T7xxx. I purchased my gun new in 1988 when my brother was a FFL dealer And i also purchased a colt combat cobra "cc' prefix.

    If colts writes and has recods of the combat pythons just like they have records of the cobra combat records then they are real...............................

    Now on the cali combat here is paper work i found on the internet. which is a after factory custom work. send me your e-mail and i'll send it to you if you would like.
  16. Boocoo

    Boocoo New Member

    pic of address on a combat python

    Here you go.

    Attached Files:

  17. Boocoo

    Boocoo New Member

    Here we go some new. we have 3 ser # and so far. ALL are strating with " T7 "

  18. 6Gun

    6Gun New Member

    California Combat Python


    Looks like everybody has the "California" part figured out now, but I am curious if you can point me to this on-line appraiser?

    As to a special serial number issue... Colt has made limited runs for many people over the years. I think you will find that though they are special editions to you and I, for Colt the Lew Horton guns were basically just another order.

    In appears that Colt made a few 3" Pythons without any special markings between the California Combat Python and the 1988 Lew Horton Combat Python.

    The evidence I can find points to them likely being made from early 80's frames like the California guns. Perhaps Colt cut down their own 8" guns to try to sell them? I would like to hear from other non-"Combat" 3" inch owners to get a better picture of these guns.

  19. deller

    deller New Member

    Ok,,lets put this puppy to bed.

    According to Kathleen Hoyt ( the Colt Historian responsible for researching Colt weapons history and issuing Certificates of authenticity )
    Colt [DID NOT] manafacture other 3inch Colt Pythons.
    She stated that the market is flooded with the FAKE 3inch pythons that were originally manafactured with an 8inch barrel by Colt. These were shipped to Pacfic Industries and that company cut the barrels to 3 inches and put them back on the market.
    You can receive a certificate of authenticity on such a weapon but it will say nothing about being a " Combat Python" and it will clearly state that the gun was manafactured with an 8 inch barrel.
    Anyone who wishes to can call Colt for this information.

    As I see it. I'm one of 500 lucky people to own a Combat Python, manafactured and recognized by Colt as such. Watch for it soon at auction.

    The gun appraisal that I refered to was obtained through Gun-Appraisals.com and I did not provide the appraiser with photos, just the description and serial number. He obviously did not call Colt.
    Last edited: May 9, 2007
  20. 6Gun

    6Gun New Member

    Deller: Look these over and let me know what you think. I just want to make sure that we are all asking the same question.


    Tolly New Member Join Date: 11-09-06 Posts: 27 colt python Hi dfariswheel,What I got was a expedited Historial Letter from Colt Archives in (2) weeks instead of waiting (3) months. That was the difference in price. I called Beverely Haynes (Colt Archivist, and she told me there was around 1100 3"barrel colt pythons made.Tolly

    GUNKWAZY Senior Member Join Date: 11-04-04 Location: AZ Posts: 569 Cool, great info.Now was that 1100 3 inchers altogether, or 1100 not including the 3 inch Combat Pythons ?Thanks, Jeff (GUNKWAZY)

    Tolly New Member Join Date: 11-09-06 Posts: 27 ccolt python Hi GUNKWAZY,That was excluding the Combat Python. Beverly Haynes (Colt Archivist) said there were approximately (500) Combat Pythons made. Tolly

    Also, take a look at the full text of this.

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