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Colt Commander

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by WVMountainBoy, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. WVMountainBoy

    WVMountainBoy Well-Known Member

    I've come across a Colt Commander chambered in 9mm Luger. Its a blued pistol with what appears to be gold filled lettering. The lettering reads "Combat Commander COLT 9mm Luger Caliber" on the left hand side of the firearm on the right reads "Colt's Combat Commander Model" in same gold filled engraving. The gun's blueing is in poor condition but there is no metel pitting. The springs and action are all tight. The barrel's throat and rifling show no obvious wear. The gun has been over oiled but I've cleaned most of that up. I was wondering if anyone could give me an approximate year of vintage and possibly a round about value. Thanks for any help.
  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    Call 1-800-962-COLT and give the serial number. They will tell you the year made but no other information without paying for a Factory Letter.

    The gold fill in the lettering was likely done with a Bonanza kit by some earlier owner.

    I do not know the dollar value of a CC with poor blue.
  3. XavierBreath

    XavierBreath Well-Known Member


    I paid $650 for this one a couple of years ago, and I was darned happy to get it. The stag grips and extended thumb safety were added later.
  4. Gator

    Gator Well-Known Member

    I just missed one at the local shop, it had about 80% finish and was $600. Had I been 10 min earlier it would have been mine.
  5. BlindJustice

    BlindJustice Well-Known Member

    FWIW - I think the original Colt Commander that came out to compete
    with the early 1950s S & W 39 DA in 9mm had aluminum
    alloy frames. THe Combat Commander was the name for
    the later carbon steel frames.

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