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Colt Defender or Glock 36

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by kyonic, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. kyonic

    kyonic Member

    I have narrowed my personal protection weapon down to the glock 36 or Colt Defender .45. I was just hoping you all could help me with the descision between the two.
  2. Slinger

    Slinger Well-Known Member

    Are you comfortable enough and more importantly, safe enough to carry a weapon "cocked and locked" like you would with the Colt? Lots of people are not. If you are, then you can't beat a 1911's slim frame for comfortable carry.

    My 2 cents.
  3. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    If you are a Glock guy then go with the 36. If you're a 1911 guy go with the Colt.

    Either are great guns, but don't trust either without shooting some of your carry rounds through them.

    Personally i'd go with the Glock.
  4. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Well-Known Member

    One thing that drives me nuts are the glockophiles that will detract from the 1911style guns, and continuously bring up "Cocked and Locked" carry, and its "Dangers".

    I think the real question that people should be asking, and what I asked myself, was...

    "Would you rather have a gun that LOOKS like it will fire if you unholster it and pull the trigger by accident/negligence, or would you rather have a gun that WILL fire if you unholster it and pull the trigger by accident/negligence?
  5. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    You want to know what drives me nuts? People who start arguing with imaginary posts.:neener:

    I have not seen ONE post bringing up the dangers of "cocked and locked" guns for carry.

    A lot of people feel unsafe carrying around a 1911 style gun because of the cocked hammer. Has nothing at all to do with "glockophiles", has to do with someones comfort level and training.

    Hell one of my friends can't believe that I would ever have a 1911 cocked and locked or have a round in the chamber of my Glock. Different strokes for different folks.

    So what do you have against Glocks? Besides they're ugly or plastic or blocky...the standard answer for wood and steel gun owners.
  6. 8830

    8830 Well-Known Member

    Having owned and carried both I like the Defender better. I like cocked and locked over any other systems. Plus my G36 mags would not drop free. Weight difference is not an issue.
  7. macadore

    macadore Well-Known Member

    IMO, the Glock handles better and seems to recoil less. I don’t know if this is due to the ergonomics, the plastic frame absorbing the recoil, or my imagination.
  8. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G Well-Known Member

    Oh believe me, I have nothing against glocks. I have a glock 20 and a glock 17 in my regular carry rotation. I also tote along a p7m8, BHP, Govt 1911, and Kel-tec .380. I know the conventional wisdom is to dress around the gun, but being single and lucky enough to have a good job, albeit in social work, I was able to splurge and can pick a gun around my clothes of the day.

    With that said, my only complaint about glocks are the grip angle, and a very very very nagging "uh oh" about the lack of actual safety. My concern about the safety is about as superficial as a freckle on the playmate of the month's pinky toe, while she's laying naked on my bed.

    As far as "imaginary posts", i've semi-regularly seen people raise their concerns about the dangers of "cocked and locked" carry, in this and other forums. Even in this very thread, the implication that 1911's are more dangerous than other guns was made...

    So really, whats the difference in some safety prerequisite in carrying a 1911 vs. a revolver, or a 1911 vs a sig? Is there a point system that some states use that i dont know exist?

    1) Draw 2) Flip off safety 3) Point 4) Shoot

    How is a 1911 any different than a Sig, CZ, EAA Witness, BHP, et all. In fact, the only guns that come to mind quickly that have significant differences are glocks and revolvers (No #2), and p7's (#2 = Squeeze)

    The only difference that I can readily see is that the 1911 style guns "look" scary & dangerous, because they have a visible hammer. If we're going to make a big deal of how a gun looks, are we really any different than Kerry and Feinstein?
  9. LanEvo`

    LanEvo` Well-Known Member

    I have handled both guns in a local gunshop not too long ago. My impression is that the G36 is more or less the same size as the G19 (just a bit slimmer). I found it to be both larger and thicker than an Officer's ACP. The Colt Defender strikes me as being easier to conceal.

    I haven't shot either gun. But, I have read that the G36 is less accurate than most compact .45's on the market. And I have read that it is less reliable than a typical Glock. Again, this is NOT based on personal experience...just what I've read!

    I hope people with hands-on experience will share their thoughts.
  10. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    The 36 was alleged to me to have reliability issues. I do not know if they really do, or do not. I settled with the Colt New Agent. It is similar to the Defender, with carbon slide and has no sights. So far, it has been an awesome point shooter.
  11. jetman

    jetman Well-Known Member

    I just bought a Colt New Agent too. No doubt about it, no Glocks for me!
  12. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member


    Does this look familiar at all? :)



    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    Ive been packing a Defender and have a new Agent on layaway No glock in my family
  14. Rexster

    Rexster Well-Known Member

    Neither. I have owned several of each size of 1911, and found anything smaller than full-sized to be likely to have reliability issues. An acquaintance who works at a gun range has a G36, which he shoots A LOT, and he has experienced several parts breakages. A colleague I do trust has found the SIG P245 to be reliable and durable. It is discontinued, but the Compact P220 is in production.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2007
  15. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    .45 acp in a gun with a 3" barrel is just a little "wacko" in my opinion. THe velocity loss is quite significant with a barrel that is 40% shorter than the barrel length which .45 acp loadings are designed to work well with. THat said, I wouldn't choose to be shot with a 3" .45, but .40 and 9mm are much better suited to such short barrels. If you must choose .45 acp for a caliber and need a small-ish concealment pistol, may I suggest a Colt Commander with a 4.25" barrel or a Glock 30 with a 3.8" barrel? Both are much better choices for a variety of reasons and, I feel, quite easily concealed. Otherwise, buy a Glock 23 and have 14 rounds of hot forty on tap in a relatively small, lightweight, easily concealed, highly reliable platform.
  16. wayno

    wayno Well-Known Member

  17. wayno

    wayno Well-Known Member

    DHart not to argue, but according to the Glock site the G30 and
    G36 have same length barrel.
  18. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    WayneO.... not sure what you are saying with reference to what I wrote? Can you clarify? I never mentioned the Glock 36.

    The Defender has a 3" barrel. The barrel in the Glock 30 & 36 is 3.8", IIRC, and has polygonal rifling, which tends to keep velocity from dropping as much. You WILL get better velocity from the Glock 30 and 36 w/3.8" polygonal barrel than you will with the Defender's 3" standard rifling barrel.

    And you'll get MUCH better CAPACITY with the Glock 30, if you can handle it's "beefiness" in the grip.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2007
  19. Lonestar49

    Lonestar49 Well-Known Member

    Cocked and Locked is SAFE, and


    IMHO, you can't beat a SAO trigger (pull) exactly the same sweet pull, every time..

    Good luck, (hope ya get a Defender 45), as mine is, as mentioned by Doc, one of the best point shooters I own, besides my EMP..


  20. ak-kev

    ak-kev Well-Known Member

    To me, its a no-brainer. Colt all the way baby:D:D


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