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Colt Detective Spl Grips

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by YammyMonkey, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. YammyMonkey

    YammyMonkey Well-Known Member

    Does anyone make a decent replacement grip for the Det. Spl? The standard fat at the bottom skinny at the top wood grips really aren't doing it for me, any suggestions?

    The ones listed in the Brownell's catalog/website sound like they're plastic versions with the same profile. Brownell's part #121-100-056.

    I'd like something that's more "modern" & filling near the top of the grip for my previously autos-only hands.

  2. Flame Red

    Flame Red Well-Known Member

    I would suggest that you consider Hogue grips. I had a Colt Magnum Carry that is a slightly different frame (Detective Special - SF-VI) and they fit perfectly and are very nice. I perfer the totally smooth grips on these small framed 357's.

    I got part # 48902. Delivery was impressive. It was in my hand in two weeks after ordering even though they told me it would be 12 weeks.

    Before that I had a set of Eagle grips that did not fit right, and were checkered. They were known as Secret Service grips I believe. They almost ripped my hand wide open. Like running a wood rasp over your hand after about 6 rounds! But what was really bad is how bad the fit was.
  3. dfariswheel

    dfariswheel Well-Known Member

    Much depends on the era of your Colt. Guns made prior to 1965 had the original "long" grip frame, while newer guns have a "stubby" short grip frame.

    Finding grips for the earlier models is near impossible, since few companies still make that type of grip.

    For the newer stubby frame models, Hogue makes good wood, Pachmayr makes the very good rubber "Compac", which Colt used on some factory guns and sold as aftermarket grips for many years.
    You can still buy these with Gold Colt medallions on eBay and other sites, and Brownell's carry them without the medallions:

    For factory wood that's better than the skinny grips, you can buy the Colt "Combat" grips on eBay.
  4. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    The traditional solution for the Colt DS is the Tyler T-Grip which is still avaliable from Tyler. For those who aren't familiar with it, this is a finger-grooved "filler" which goes between the front strap and the trigger guard and is held in place by tabs which are clamped down against the frame by the grips themselves.

    T-Grips are reasonably priced -- much less pricey than replacement grips -- and add no bulk to the gun.
  5. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    Eagle Secret Service :cool:

    I have some on my 1974 Agent (essentially the same gun but with an aluminum frame), in the rosewood.
  6. YammyMonkey

    YammyMonkey Well-Known Member

    I take the the Det. Spl. is a D frame gun. SN is 950XXX with a J under the SN. Would this be a CD/C or CD/S D frame?

    Thanks for the help guys.
  7. mainmech48

    mainmech48 Well-Known Member

    Ditto dfaris. My personal favorite is the Pachmayr Compac. Still available, still inexpensive. Great example of form both following and enhancing function, IMO.
  8. wqbang

    wqbang Well-Known Member

  9. Hobie

    Hobie Well-Known Member


    I've got a pair of Pachmayr Compac for the post 1966 D-frame including the DS. Took them off my DS. Very good condition. E-mail me with an offer, think shipping would be about $3 parcel post or $4 priority mail. Yes, I'll take the dreaded paypay too!
  10. spwenger

    spwenger Well-Known Member

    I Am Partial...

    ...to Craig Spegel's Boot Grips and was able to score a set for a Colt DS, during a limited run several years ago. However, a while back I finally got around to replacing a damaged set of factory grips on a similarly D-framed Diamondback that I had purchased as a teaching gun and am very happy with the boot grips I had made by Jim Badger, of Badger Custom Grips. Since this gun is intended for use by small-handed students, I asked him to grind off the finger grooves. I also got one of his normal boot grips for a Ruger SP101, with the finger grooves, and found that it not only stabilizes the gun in my hand (unlike the relatively skinny factory grip), it also greatly improves the relationship of the finger to the trigger, a feature I also noted with the Colt boot grip and a full-size Badger grip I purchased for a Ruger Security Six - the grips are virtually a trigger job in terms of reducing the felt effort of working the trigger.

    While I don't feel compelled to replace the Spegel grips on a large proportion my revolvers that already sport them, I make note of the fact that Jim's turnaround time is much shorter than Craig's. Both men have slighlty different approaches to how to distribute the recoil of the revolver and some people may prefer to wait longer for Craig, if he is still offering Boot Grips for Colts. (Craig has no internet presence and can be reached at 503-368-5653. Feel free to mention my name - Steve Wenger.)
  11. RandomMan

    RandomMan Well-Known Member

    My Agent wears Teak Eagle Secret Service grips. I find them controllable and concealable, but you have to get a good handle on it to fire +P with any kind of speed. I would recommend the Pachy Compacs, and the Badgers.

  12. Ric

    Ric Well-Known Member

    I got Badger boot grips for mine. I like them a lot and recommend them.


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