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Colt Paterson

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Olmontanaboy, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Olmontanaboy

    Olmontanaboy Well-Known Member

    I thought the Paterson repro's had been discontinued but I see on Uberti's new site: http://www.ubertireplicas.com/black_powder-patterson.php that they still offer them. I see that they offer two models, one with a loading lever and one without. Where the origional Patersons avaible both ways?
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  2. SC_Slowhand

    SC_Slowhand Well-Known Member

    Colt Patersons

    I have a thing about Colt Patersons. There were al least 5 versions of the Original Paterson. Plus a few protypes or earlier models. Legend or Hollywood says that one even showed up at the Alamo.



    Above is a link to R.L. Wilson' Book on Patersons. An original Paterson, depending on condition of course goes for about $300,000.

    There are Commerative Issues out there. I know a guy who's sitting on 7 of these. For a mere $3,200. he'll sell you one.


    Concerning replicas Ubereti went with #5, with a loading level attached.


    Pietta went with the Texas Colt Paterson, without the attached loading lever. They made several versons, engraved and not engraved.

    Uberti is of course showing them but... Pietta and Uberti have stopped manufacturing them. Dixie Gun Works was listing them, but they'll notifiy you when it becomes available.:)

    I recently bought a Pietta replica from Articap, in excellent shape, at a reasonable price. Paterson's are hard to find in either replica or original form. If you find yourself looking for one, good luck.
  3. Olmontanaboy

    Olmontanaboy Well-Known Member

    Wow, thanks for the good information. What threw me was, this was supposed to be the new Uberti website and they list both levered and non-levered Patersons. I like em both:D, I was hopeing they were doing another run. I was going to give Taylors a call and ask if they were avaible again but I'm not ready to buy at this time:( so I don't want to look like a fool if they say yes, how many do you want:eek: I've never handled one or seen one in person but I'm liking them more and more.
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  4. SC_Slowhand

    SC_Slowhand Well-Known Member

    Pietta Colt Patersons

    When I tell you I have a thing for the Paterson, you might have figured out I'm not kidding. They're addictive little works of art that more often resemble a watch than a firearm in their construction. The assembly and reassembly of the replicas is an act of penance for most amateur gunsmiths.:) Fortunately later designs excluded several of those extra parts and added a trigger guard which made it a lot easier.

    I'll save you the phone call to Taylors. They have a deal in "works" with Pietta to start carrying a replica of the Colt Paterson produced by Pietta of course. Nothing firm though still in the works. It would not hurt things to give them a call and express some interest. Since they are not selling them as of today, they'll not try to sell you one.

    According to some sources the Pietta in the past was better made than the Uberti (design flaws). I read some where that one owner had a lot of problems with one he bought. Uberti said they were going to stop producing them and gave him a Dragoon Replica to replace his with.

    Sam Colt had a few problems with the Patent Arms Co when he started making the originals. One of the first designs had an enclosed cylinder that was supposed to prevent chain fires. Unfortunately when you pulled the trigger on the enclosed one it was like a hand grenade going off.

    Earlier models of the Texas Colt Paterson's he produced and were used by the Texas Rangers were successful. Later problems with sales to the military were not so great. The Army was outraged at the quality of the arms they received. Legend says that one of Sam's chief investors, who also was involved in running the company produced sub-standard models, was critical of Sam's spending habits and eventually took over the company and continued to manufacture Paterson's after it went bankrupt. Sam was out of it.

    In 1847 Capt Walker of the Texas Rangers approached Sam Colt on an upgrade of the Paterson to a .44 Cal Revolver. They cooked up the original Horse Pistol, the Colt Walker. The Walker then led to the Dragoons, the Army and Navy Revolvers and the rest is history. Sam died a very rich man.

    If Pietta does get into it again, I hope they include an attached loading lever. The separate "tool" they produced before was rumored to be made out of pot metal and broke rather easily. I have a cylinder loader from Black Powder Inc. that I use it saves a lot of time.
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  5. rcflint

    rcflint Well-Known Member

    My Uberti Patterson has no loading lever, so I would have to use the off gun cylinder loader were I to shoot it more often. I used the Patterson loading lever tool, by Uberti, it was made of steel.

    My revolver's problem is cylinder overtravel, which hasn't been solvable by tweaking the springs.
  6. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    There is a gunsmith that offers a loading lever upgrade to the Paterson, about $800.

    You can find a used Uberti or Pietta Patersons on Gunbroker. The 3rd gen Colt Paterson is a little harder to find. I have been looking for a few years for one.

    A Replica Arms and a Peitta Texas Paterson

    A Paterson clone of unknown origin.
  7. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    MCB, one of the Deluxe, engraved, gold banded Sig Series Patersons just sold in the September Rock Island Auction. Went for $1700. I dropped out of the bidding at $1400. Not bad considering BB value is $3000. There is one on GB right now with opening bid set at $3100. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=194258928

    A NIB Uberti model w/loading lever went on GB a month or so ago for $800. Way over the $355 that BB says it's worth.
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  8. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    $1700 for that 3rd gen is not bad at all. I need to be good for a few months, the ball and chain became aware of the AR10 I just put together. So many guns and so little money!
  9. Fingers McGee

    Fingers McGee Well-Known Member

    There are also 3 of the Sig Series engraved #5 Texas Patersons on Guns America. A single listed for $3250.00 and a consecutive SN pair for $6750
  10. SC_Slowhand

    SC_Slowhand Well-Known Member

    Still Sitting on the Patersons


    Reference the Guns of America listing. I've communicated with the Gentleman. There was a box found at the Colt Blackpowder factory and there they were. :) Thanks for the posting, no doubt there are a few of us here who are "looking":banghead:

    I've have been tracking the Patersons, replicas and Originals. I've even put a few bids in on sites and on the phone at a recent auction. When these things are posted with out a reserve or starting bid, they are not going for the big prices, in most ocassions. So it's just going to be the usual questions of how much? and When?

    I'd love to have another Paterson in my collection but.... for that kind of money($3,000. plus)... I'd be more tempted to get myself an Original Colt or a Remmie instead.

    Anway until I win the Lottery or something, I'll just have to keep looking. I'm not cheap, I'm just not easy.
  11. bprevolver

    bprevolver Well-Known Member

    Uberti Paterson for Sale

    I have an extra Uberti Paterson with loading lever for sale. It has the Charcoal Blue Finish with round back cylinder . It is brand new in the box with all paper work. Made in 1997. Serial #20xx. Email if interested and we can discuss price. It won't be $800.
  12. SC_Slowhand

    SC_Slowhand Well-Known Member

    Uberti Paterson

    I sent you an email.
  13. buzzy23

    buzzy23 New Member

    is that reproduction paterson still available for sale?
  14. buzzy23

    buzzy23 New Member

    colt paterson's

    I currently have three reproduction paterson's - 2 complete sets American Historical Foundation - Golden Tribute sets - one complete set engraved blue set with pearl grips. They are all Number 5 patersons all are engraved and complete with all accessories and display cases. However, I have recently purchased a paterson that was supposed made by Master Gunsmith Thomas Haas, now deceased, that operated Guns Unlimited.

  15. ozarkguy

    ozarkguy Well-Known Member

    If you check Cabella's website, they are now showing a Pietta Patterson as a new item. Price is in the $500 plus range IIRC. They just added this item in the last couple of weeks.
  16. Driftwood Johnson

    Driftwood Johnson Well-Known Member


    Here is a good video about the Paterson Colt. I learned a lot about the differences between the Paterson models and the later Colts from this video.

    Please excuse me if this has been posted before.

  17. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    Mike is a member here he post some really good videos
    goes by duelist
  18. Driftwood Johnson

    Driftwood Johnson Well-Known Member

    Mike is also well known on the SASS Wire for his videos. I won't give out his alias here, to protect his innocence.

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