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Colt Tactical Ar in .22lr

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Tacbandit, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Tacbandit

    Tacbandit Well-Known Member

    Has anybody shot (not fondled) this new rifle...? In comparing it to the rival S&W version, it seems to be more durable, rugged, with not so much plastic...
    However, I'm told by salesmen at my local "fun shop", that the Colt is picky
    about what you feed it, and the S&W is not. I hope I'm not duplicating previous threads...By the way, this particular shop was out of S&W's, and still had Colts in the store...
  2. EAJ

    EAJ Well-Known Member

    You'll find some info here.
  3. Tacbandit

    Tacbandit Well-Known Member

    EAJ.....Thanks! Great review. This is what I heard at the "fun shop"...I really want to hear from a Colt version owner before I decide...Thanks again...very informative...
  4. Gunnerpalace

    Gunnerpalace Well-Known Member

    Walther makes it, and ARFCOM has found numerous faults, apparently the bolt catch is nonfunctional +other stuff.
  5. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Not really Colt rifles at all, the company just licensed the name. They are pretty much Junk. The new S$W .22 AR is cheaper and better made.
  6. EAJ

    EAJ Well-Known Member

    My pleasure, good luck with your decision. :)
  7. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    I found the Colt (Walther/Umarex) to be quite a good rifle. It is made from the same materials as real ARs so it handles and balances very similar. Though I do not deny the S&W MP22 does perform, it does feel like like a kids toy by comparison. Plastic everything including the quad rail which is just funky.

    If it was up to me though I would get the standard rifle with 20" barrel so I might be able to small game hunt with it.

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