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Colt Walker Kit

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by KevininPa, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. KevininPa

    KevininPa Member

    Hello everyone, I'm posting to see if anyone has info, good or bad, about the Walker kit that's advertised in Dixie Gun Works. My buddy wants a Walker but is turned off by the price compared to other black powder revolvers. He also said that he wouldn't mind a kit to work on, so this seems the perfect gig for him. The only thing I found out about it is that it is a Palmetto. I'm new to BP myself ( just got a ROA not long ago ), so I have no info on Palmettos to give him. There's 2 reviews on the Dixie site itself and those weren't bad. Thanks in advance for any information.

    Kevin in Pa

    Some may notice this post elsewhere. Thank God for copy and paste instead of more hunt and peck!
  2. Tommygunn

    Tommygunn Active Member

    While it is possible to obtain a halfway decent gun from Palmetto, they are considered the lowest on the BP revolver food chain. Some people call them junk. I have a Palmetto Eli Whitney navy in .36 and it is a fairly good revolver, IMHO. But given stories I've heard, I would suggest to your friend that he save his $$$ and invest in a Uberti, even a kit, if not finished gun. Uberti is well respected, and even given my experience with Palmetto I would always recommend Uberti way above Palmentto ... WAY WAY above!!
  3. brentn

    brentn New Member

    Does pietta make a walker? Would love to buy one but my dealer doesn't seem to carry uberti, and the one that does won't order in any BP for me as their range doesn't approve of it.
  4. mykeal

    mykeal New Member


    I recently did a short survey of all the internet sites that sold Colt Walkers; there were several and they varied considerably in price. Uberti and Palmetto were the only two manufacturers represented. I am thus under the impression that Pietta does not make a Walker.
  5. brentn

    brentn New Member

    Yea i think your right.. From what I've heard about palmetto I will spend the extra $ on an uberti. Theres one other dealer here in town that i haven't tried, maybe I'll get some luck on being able to buy one.
  6. subgunner

    subgunner New Member

    Midway USA has Uberti Walkers on sale for $319.99
  7. mykeal

    mykeal New Member

    Two months ago the Midway USA web site price was $310. And it was also a "sale" price.

    They are subject to the fall of the US dollar vs the Euro, so I'm not surprised. This is probably true for all the other suppliers as well.
  8. KevininPa

    KevininPa Member

    Uberti Kit

    Someone pointed out a Uberti Kit at DGW for $265. I don't know how I missed that one. Not only will I steer my buddy towards that, I might get one myself as a winter project.

    Kevin in Pa
  9. Musketman

    Musketman New Member

    I dont know if you saw my little "thread" on the walker kit I got from Uberti. The gun came in very good condition even though its a kit. All that you need to do is sand the grips to your liking, and file/sand the trigger gaurd clean. then if you want...blue it.

    here's my walker kit thread

  10. Snaggletooth

    Snaggletooth New Member

    There are Colt Walkers out there at reasonable prices. I had one arrive this week. A member of another forum turned me on to it when I mentioned buying a kit Uberti. He said that there was one for sale at Kittery trading post. It was listed as 98 percent. I got it for $250. plus freight. Its a Uberti and I cant tell that its ever been fired. They are out there if you have patience
  11. KevininPa

    KevininPa Member

    Walker Thread

    Nice piece of big iron there Musketman! I mainly did this thread for my buddy, but I'm definitely getting an itch for one of these " hand cannons" . You did a great job there. I think that I will get one these kits as a winter hobby.

    Kevin in Pa
  12. Musketman

    Musketman New Member

    thanks! You definiatly feel like your packing a weapon when you hold this thing. Its pretty fun too when out shooting in the woods. It adds a challenge for squirrels because you have to reload and what not after all 6 shots are gone. IT'S PRETTY FUN!

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