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Colt Website Down?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sonny, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. sonny

    sonny Well-Known Member

    I can't get there....Maybe they are actually updating it!
  2. Triad

    Triad Well-Known Member

    Works for me. Colt
  3. ahenry

    ahenry Well-Known Member

    I can't get it either. Your link didn't work for me Triad...

  4. Triad

    Triad Well-Known Member

    I guess the site is down, because the pages I was looking at recently came up, but everything else was "file not found".
  5. MitchSchaft

    MitchSchaft member

    Try their site now! Either they took their site down or they were hacked!
  6. Airwolf

    Airwolf Well-Known Member

    http://www.colt.com goes to a web hosting site.

    Google is still showing the actual Colt pages in cache but they don't exist anymore.

    Anyone have a valid address for Colt?
  7. Sean Smith

    Sean Smith Well-Known Member

    The old Colt website was almost worthless. I wonder if they are doing a complete overhaul?
  8. MitchSchaft

    MitchSchaft member

    i hope they're changing their site, i couldn't stand their old one.
  9. Triad

    Triad Well-Known Member

    When I try Airwolf's link, the title of the page shows up "COLT, America's First and Foremost FIREARMS Manufacturer" for just a second, and I see a link saying something to the effect of "If you're using a browser without Java enabled, click here." But before I can click it the File Not Found comes up. Does that mean anything? Hope they decided to update, and actually hired someone who can design a good website.
  10. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    This is what comes up!!

    I knew it was to good to be true!!! :rolleyes:
  11. Vladimir Berkov

    Vladimir Berkov Well-Known Member

    Does anybody care? It is not as if their website had any good product info anyway. I learn more about Colt's product line from internet gun forums, than from their own website.
  12. MitchSchaft

    MitchSchaft member

    That's why I hope they're in the middle of putting up a new website...:rolleyes:

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