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Combat Commander Progress

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by doc540, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. doc540

    doc540 Well-Known Member

    FINALLY got the 9mm Combat Commander back from the gunsmith today.

    He fitted a BarSto match barrel and bushing and did a trigger job.

    Single stage, clean break at 3lbs.

    FedEx delivered it about 3:30pm, hit the range by 4:30.

    It's shooting low at 15yds, but I'm fine with that since I can compensate for it and also shoot accurately out to 50 with it.

    Here's the first 30 rounds down the pipe:

    I'll get it dialed in better with more practice!
  2. cyclopsshooter

    cyclopsshooter Well-Known Member

    More pics please :)
  3. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member


    Nice shooting! I also like the look of your Combat Commander; understated but with a very purposeful appearance to it.
  4. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    That is beautiful. What grips are those?
  5. doc540

    doc540 Well-Known Member


    VZ Operator II's

    about the most aggressive on the market, but still comfy
  6. Nice Doc! Likin the grips eh?
  7. Hanshi

    Hanshi Well-Known Member

    I like!
  8. doc540

    doc540 Well-Known Member

    Yessir, I like the VZ OPII's.

    The only mod I've had to make is lightly sanding the leading edge on the trigger side.

    Having said that, I really like the new G10 Master Series grips from Crimson Trace.


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