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Combined Technology/Nosler bullet for hunting

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Funshooter45, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Funshooter45

    Funshooter45 Member

    Dec 9, 2010
    Have any of you had any first hand experiences using the Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip bullets for hunting? I thought I had the perfect elk hunting combo using 160 gr Sierra BTSP bullets in my 7 mm mag. But yesterday I finally got around to shooting some rounds I had assembled a couple months ago using the CT 150 gr bullet. The accuracy was astounding for that rifle. The Sierra accuracy was "good enough" for hunting and I know that bullet works fine for elk. But... it does wonders to my self-confidence knowing I have a 0.5" combo rather than a 0.9" combo. It's just that none of my hunting buddies has ever shot one of these at an elk before.

    The black coating on the bullet is also kind of a mystery to me. Nosler calls it Lubalox. They are insistent that it is NOT moly and it doesn't leave a residue. But they don't exactly say what it IS. Sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm always a bit leary of new things.
  2. adobewalls

    adobewalls Member

    Apr 6, 2003
    I have shot the Combined Technology Bullet since shortly after it came out. Its my go to bullet in my go to rifle, a Remington Sendero in 7mm Rem Mag.

    It is amazingly accurate (I have shot dime sized groups at 100 and just shot a 2" group at 300 yards with it this past weekend.)

    It hits hard, I have shot deer and pigs with it and tracking has not been necessary. Unfortunately I can't help you out with the performance on Elk, other than to say I would not hesitate to try it.
  3. Caliber

    Caliber New Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    I've used it in my 30-06. Its basically Noslers Ballistic Tip with some Moly looking coating called Lubalox on the outside. Works fine for me.

    I recommend Barnes Triple shock X
  4. AlliedArmory

    AlliedArmory New Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Never shot it before, but they sure do look pretty. So pretty I made some keychains with them haha

    Sorry for the off topic.

  5. Huckelberry75

    Huckelberry75 New Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    Like with any good bullet, location location location. If you do your part and put it in the boiler room, that elk will go down. Just be mindful of trying to not shoot through the shoulders, as the heavier bone structure may be tougher than you are used to. Poke it through the neck/spine/rib cage, and it will be Wapiti back strap in the freezer. Elk are a solid animal, but they are not impossible to kill.

    Know the limits of you and your gun, work within those limits and you will be fine. With that combo, you should be GTG at 400 and in, no problem.
  6. CHALK22

    CHALK22 Member

    Sep 14, 2010
    MSO, MT
    I have loaded up some for my R700 .243. I am working up a deer/antelope round for it, but I wa impatient at the range that day (I know, I know) and was not happy with my/it's performance. I will load up some more abd shoot them, as well as some Hornady A-Max for it also and compare the two. The BS seems like a great bullet, but I have not taken anything with them yet.

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