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Comments on CFE223 powder

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by cfullgraf, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    Over the past several months I have been working with CFE223 powder in my 204 Ruger in preparation for a prairie dog hunt.

    The hunt is over and while I am pleased with the performance of CFE223, copper fouling in the bore was still evident after 400 rounds or so. Maybe the fouling was less than with an other powder, maybe not.

    I just wanted to give another data point for those that are working with CFE223.
  2. oldfortyfiveauto

    oldfortyfiveauto Well-Known Member

    I used it in my 223 on a June dog hunt and was very happy. I cleaned at the end of each day and did not find an copper issues. Bore scope did not show anything but good.
  3. scotch827

    scotch827 Well-Known Member

    I am using CFE223 in my SW Sport with Bulk 55gr Hornady FMJs. I fired 30 rounds through it and cleaned the bore with Butch's Boreshine. After getting the patches to come out with no black carbon I left it soak for 15 minutes and ran another patch down and got no blue on the patch. I repeated the soaking the barrel for another 45 minutes came back and still had no blue on my patch. It worked as advertised in my case. However I have not fired as many rounds as you.
  4. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Comments on CFE223? I would love to find a jug so I can give it a try!

    As for seeing copper in your bore, I read an article in Handloader about this powder and they said even though Hodgdon doesn't make the claim the testers actually saw a reduction in the copper after shooting ammo made with CFE223 in a barrel that was already contaminated with copper. The only way you can tell if the powder is doing what it claims is to shoot another 400 rounds using a different powder in the same barrel at the same velocities. I have a strong feeling shooting 400 rounds using another powders at the velocities generated by the 204 Ruger will leave a lot more copper in your barrel than with CFE223. (based on all the reviews)
  5. Clark

    Clark Well-Known Member

    I build ~ 3 deer rifles for myself per year.
    CFE223 was helpful in 2012 in breaking in barrels with fewer cleanings.
    But I hunt with H4350, a more temp stable powder.
  6. flhtcuibyhd

    flhtcuibyhd Well-Known Member

    I have just started to work up loads for it with different bullets in .223. It has not provided the accuracy claimed by the many reviews I've seen or matched my usual powder(s) performance.
  7. Lj1941

    Lj1941 Well-Known Member


    As with anything-your mileage may vary. I too would like to give it a try and see for my self!:banghead:
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2013
  8. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch Well-Known Member

    I got a good shipment of it in from Powder Valley a couple months ago. I haven't been able to test it as much as I'd been hoping to but it has provided decent accuracy in a few loads. Going off of memory I believe those loads were approaching listed max by Hodgdon's data. I don't really know about the CFE part of CFE223 but its not really MY primary requirement of this powder. If I does help with copper fouling, that's just a bonus to me.
  9. kerreckt

    kerreckt Well-Known Member

    I use it and find it good but not exceptional. Better than many but WC844, H335 and 748 give me better accuracy with my .223 bolt rifles.
  10. Shmackey

    Shmackey Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's supposed to eliminate copper fouling entirely--especially not in the real burners.

    I've got some CFE and have used just about every ball rifle powder that works in .308 and .223. They're far more alike than different.
  11. RentaCop

    RentaCop Well-Known Member

    Been loading it in the 8x57 behind 175 Sierras and 180 Noslers. Speed is there, still working on accuracy. Sierra's are better than the Noslers right now.

    Last range trip, I put it behind the 185 Remington. Again velocity was there, accuracy not so much. I'll be running behind the 150's and 160's next time out.

    The velocity I was getting out of the Noslers were surprising and a little scary. Worked up to the Hodgdon max with no signs. I didnt dare go over Hodgdon max. Getting wise in my old age I guess.

    Seems real clean burning though.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2013

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