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Comments on Star PD .45

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Drakejake, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Drakejake

    Drakejake Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a like new, blued Star PD .45. This is a compact .45 with an alloy frame. It weighs about 25 oz. and take a six round mag. I have now shot this pistol several times and cannot recommend it. As others have stated, it has a sharp recoil. This recoil punished the web of my hand. I don't like the original equipment wooden grip panels, which seem cheesy and do not absorb any recoil. I would like to replace them with hard rubber. I am disappointed that this single action pistol doesn't have a better trigger. Thus far I have been low and to the left. Putting aside the performance of this pistol, it takes recoil buffers which are expensive, hard to find, very difficult to install, and just a lot of unnecessary trouble. A well-designed pistol shouldn't need a part that has such a short life. And the mags are expensive, if you can find any. I may like this pistol better once I have adjusted the sights and replaced the grip panels. Thus far I haven't had any jams or misfires.

  2. BHP9

    BHP9 member

    The Star PD .45 was one of the very first small concealable .45's along with their 9mm models. The Star .45 was not designed for target shooting and had a light weight aluminum frame which as the "The Great Guru Jeff Cooper" once said, "Alumium frame handguns were made to carry much and shoot seldom". Good advice back then and still good advice many years later.

    These pistols will give many years of good service but if you want a target gun a full size handgun is the better way to go. The all steel frame 9mm model was a lot more pleasant to shoot and would last quite a bit longer as far as frame life is concerned. The gun was also made in an aluminum frame model in 9mm.

    Small handguns by their very nature were never designed to be used extensively with high round counts. The less weight a weapon has will affect its service life and also result in much more recoil to the shooters hand. These are hard engineering facts and so far I do not believe much as been discovered to change this fact.

    Cosidering the quality, reliablity and low price these weapons sold for when new and continue to sell for even when used and in good condition make them a good buy for the person looking for a light weight , highly concealable handgun. On the other hand if you are looking for a recreational gun then the full size full frame handgun is the better way to go.

    I have one of the later model Starlight guns that was made of very thick and ugly and heavy castings but it cuts down somewhat on the recoil but the muzzle blast of the short barrel is still very noticable. Once again it was designed for carry not target shooting.

    Super high visabilty sights and very light trigger pulls are best left to target grade full size firarms not the street fighting guns that have to be snag free and are often used under high stress senarios. Too light a trigger pull under these conditions just could get one into a lot of trouble if one shoots and does not mean to shoot or one changes ones mind at the last minute in regards to pulling the trigger, especially if the target turns out to be someone you know and do not want to shoot. An easy enough mistake to make under moonlight conditions.

    I have always liked the Star made weapons. There was a lot of qualtiy there for the money and I mourn the loss of the Star company.
  3. mgjohn

    mgjohn Well-Known Member

    BHP9, hit it on the head. I have had a couple over the years and were well served with them. Fine little gun for what it was, wish I syill had one.
  4. techmike

    techmike Well-Known Member

    My very first CCW was a Star PD...

    Way back in '87. I always felt like it was a great value for the money. I still regret selling it. Very comfortable to carry and"combat accurate". I hated the Expensive Mags (compared to Colt mags) but other than that I I come across another one I will buy it.
  5. Grayrider

    Grayrider Well-Known Member


    I noticed one in the case at my dealer's shop the other day. I didn't notice the price, but I am betting pretty low as he bought a bunch of guns for peanuts in a police auction. Want me to check?

  6. techmike

    techmike Well-Known Member


    Nice of you to offer. Where are you located? It would have to be VERRRRY cheap...I just spen my ""Gun Money" for the next couple months on a H&K USP Tactical. The PD really is a decent piece...I actually liked it better than the Officer's Model I eventually bought to replace it with. The Colt was prettier, but the PD shot better.:uhoh:
  7. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator

    i had one for a while too. it was the first really compact .45 when the next smallest .45 was the colt commander.

    it was quite advanced for it's time with:
    1. low profile adjustable sights (back when folks were installing S&W)
    2. factory beveled mag well
    3. deletion of the grip safety (back when folks were pinning them)
    4. factory throating to feed HP ammo
    5. trigger was heavy but clean (at least mine was)
    6. sufficently accurate (on par with the LW commander)
    7. external extractor
    8. usable thumb safety
    1. bianchi make holsters, including a horizonal shoulder rig
    2. pachmyer made rubber grips

    the factory grips were a pain (there was no finish on them) and i could never fine extra mags for mine (hence the sale)...but i didn't think recoil was that bad with the federal 185gr jhp i was carrying back then.
  8. Grayrider

    Grayrider Well-Known Member


    I am in Missouri. I will be by my dealer later today for a transfer and can get you a price. We go back a long way so he will be straight with me.

  9. Grayrider

    Grayrider Well-Known Member


    He wants $175. Bore looks good, most of the finish complete. Quite a few scratches from handling, although just in the finish. Some rust on the grip screws. If you are interested call Bart at 417-831-4501.

  10. techmike

    techmike Well-Known Member

    Thanks GR!

    Now I have to get this past the budget comittee :uhoh:
  11. Grayrider

    Grayrider Well-Known Member


    I can help you with that...just don't tell her!

  12. danjen

    danjen New Member

    I have one, an early model that my Dad put away long ago. 30 years NIB. I feild stripped it, oiled it, and and took it out to the desert for a trial. The Spanish walnut grips were unfinished and sharp edged, so I sanded them down to fit the metal and they look good. You cats must be pretty weak or skittish. I had no trouble with recoil, or hammer bite. Putting rounds thru a pumkin at 40 feet was easy. No feed problems at all. Get a hold on your weapon and fire. This little .45 is awesome.
  13. wnycollector

    wnycollector Well-Known Member

    I almost picked one up monday at my local gander mtn for $189.
  14. nj.piney

    nj.piney Well-Known Member

    if you would like my opinion , search "star pd45" . im very happy with mine and its my daily carry weapon.

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