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Compact .45 help

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by JPipes, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. JPipes

    JPipes New Member

    Ok guys, I am 6'3", 235 lbs, and looking for a compact .45 for CCW. I am a newlywed, and on a budget (who isn't?), so any suggestions would be great. I was looking at a Llama Mini-max on Auction Arms:

    http://www.auctionarms.com/search/d...Max Sub Compact, .45 ACP, Hard Chrome Finish

    Any tips for something in or around that price range?

    By the way, I 'm an insurance broker, and I wear slacks, a dress shirt and a tie everyday. So I wanted an IWB holster that is tuckable.
  2. Lou22

    Lou22 New Member

    Taurus PT145 and PT745 Millennium Pros are among the most concealable .45 autos. Do a search here on either (I own the PT145) and I bet you'll find a lot of mostly positive comments. I understand Llama is out of business, so repairs down the road may be a problem. Also Llama isn't known for it's reliability. I think Taurus has a better reputation.

    If you go for either Taurus, make sure it is the Pro model. The earlier non-Pros had frame cracking problems.

  3. modifiedbrowning

    modifiedbrowning Active Member

    Check out the Bersa Thunder Ultracompact.
    I have two of the 9mm UCs and both have been excellent. I paid $350 OTD when my dealer ordered from Davidsons.
    Here's a Bersa Forum. www.bersatalk.com
  4. JoeK

    JoeK New Member

    Llama....YIKES! I reluctantly shoot a buddies 9mm Llama regularily (read: 1000+ rounds through it) and have been coercing him to get something different. We both agree that it is a POS. Are all Llamas garbage? Beats me, but the thing does not exude quality in both appearance and shooting. Other's experience may differ....

    I would look at a XD Compact or similar.
  5. .357 magnum

    .357 magnum New Member

    Go Taurus!

    The Taurus Millennnium Pro PT145 .45 ACP is the way to go. I am sure you can get one at a dealer for around 300-325 new. Lou22 is right. This is an excellent gun. Very reliable and you get a lifetime Warranty. The weight and ease of concealment are great. If this gun would ever need repairs, it is easy to get parts etc. [Taurus makes a great gun it should function great right out of the box] I have thounsands of rounds through my 24/7 Pro's and have never had a jam or problem of any kind. Get the PT145 you will really enjoy it and it is a gun you can depend on.


    The best to you and yours!
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2006
  6. wally

    wally Active Member

    I don't think you can get a better sub-compact .45 than the Taurus PT-145 Millenium-PRO until you are ready to spend at least 2X more money.

  7. GunNut

    GunNut New Member

    Keep your eye out for a used Glock 30, I've bought them for $300 in the past. Realistically, you'll be looking at around $400 for a really good deal on a 30.

  8. jlh26oo

    jlh26oo New Member

    PT145 is a good suggestion, that's not too much more than the LLAMA(!?), but is good quality.

    Not too much more you could go G36. Slightly more barrel (3 3/4" vs 3"), but smaller in other dimensions, sacrificing 3 rounds to the pt145.

    B/t those two, depends on if you want a da/sa with manual safety and internal lock (taurus), or consistent "safe-action" of the glock with no manual safeties or internal lokc. G30, G36, pt145 all good moves. I personally can't recommend a Kahr (after pm9), but if you don't want to shoot it alot, you don't get any smaller/lighter than the P45; 6+1 .45acp ~1" thin. consistent trigger, no safeties.

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