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Competition is a wonderful thing!

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by NMshooter, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. NMshooter

    NMshooter Well-Known Member

  2. TechBrute

    TechBrute Well-Known Member

    Do we have any info aside from the flashy website? Anyone use them? Are they uber-tactical mall ninja approved?

    Also, their weaponlights are currently not for sale... what's up with that?

    They seem to be retail priced higher than what seems to be the comparable Surefire. Is their street price going to be lower?

    What compelling reason will I have for ditching my beloved Surefires? :D
  3. NMshooter

    NMshooter Well-Known Member

    Got that from the lights and lasers forum on www.ar15.com

    Seems to be comparable to SureFire, according to a internet retailer, but I have not handled the actual product, so who knows?

    I think when I get the money I will try one out, maybe ordering from www.gandrtactical.com
  4. NMshooter

    NMshooter Well-Known Member

    Update: gandrtactical has pentagon lights in stock, prices look good.

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