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Component Shipping Times

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. GLOOB

    GLOOB New Member

    Ordered second week of Feb. Still waiting.
  2. Triumph

    Triumph New Member

    I cancelled my Graf's orders. It wasn't just because of the wait. I couldn't get a response to email or anyone on phone.
  3. BHarada

    BHarada New Member

    I've been finding things on other sites while waiting for my Graf's orders to ship, and canceling the Graf's orders as needed. The latest was when I found an 8# keg of powder at 3rd Generation a week before my Graf's order for a few 1# cans was due to ship.

    Of course now I'm waiting for 3rd Generation to send me a shipping notice.
  4. OldTex

    OldTex New Member

    Probably more factors involved than we can imagine. I've got some orders (primers) from Natchez in 2-3 days, while others (bullets) have been 5 weeks now. Wideners had ammo to me in 3-4 days and took 3 weeks for ammo boxes.

    Some vendors allowed backorders at first when things started going crazy and I suspect they got buried and are still trying to see daylight. Others stopped backorders right away.

    I'm 5 weeks now waiting on Missouri Bullets and CB bullets. ManVentureOutpost just refunded an order that was 'in stock' when I placed it but wasn't really. They just couldn't guarantee when they could ship but offered a discount if I re-ordered when they got back in stock.

    I've always had good luck with Midway and 3rd Gen.
  5. GT1

    GT1 New Member

    Powder Valley, Grafs, and Brownells paid a heavy price in the initial panic and are still hurting. Not their fault, really, but yeah. They are some of the largest retailers out there so they see mega-traffic online. I will always be their customer because even with the panic they refused to jack up prices.

    Of course, without the panic I'd have never found other nice places like Gamaliel, Third Generation, and Scheels.
  6. Papadoc1701

    Papadoc1701 New Member

    Just received my Graf's order for powder and primers today. Placed order on Feb 26th.
  7. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch New Member

    It didn't help Powder Valley that they, along with most of Kansas, got hit by a couple pretty big snow storms. I think they had at least a full week where they couldn't ship anything out because UPS and FedEx wouldn't pick up shipments.

    MBC is still pretty far behind on a lot of 9mm stuff. A buddy of mine order 2k 9mm just over a month ago and he hasn't received a shipping email yet, I'm not sure if they send a shipping notice though.
  8. Motownfire

    Motownfire New Member

    Placed an order with Natchez April 1st, order shipped April 3rd, scheduled to be delivered April 5th. Pretty good service & the UPS driver didn't get lost, products delivered today.

    I place an order with Missouri Bullet Co. 3/31/2013 for 1,500 9MM bullets & 500 .40 cal bullets. I will update when it arrives at my door.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
  9. bds

    bds Active Member

    +1 on Gamaliel Shooting Supply. I ordered last Sunday and got my package Wednesday (3 days)!

    I have ordered from Rocky Mountain Reloading in the past with fast shipping but they are now showing 2 weeks delay. I will post back when the bullets arrive.

    My last order from ZCast took almost 5 weeks and their website is showing 5-6 weeks delay.

    Today, I placed an order with Brownell's - I'll post back when the package arrives.

    Just placed an order with Montana Gold Bullet - I'll post back when the package arrives.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  10. floydster

    floydster New Member

    Still waiting for a shippping notice on the order I placed with PV for bullets.
    Placed the order on Mar. 6th, (showed in Stock) at the time, however they called a week later and informed me they were actually " Out of Stock" at that time.
    Don't know if I will ever get them.
  11. Triumph

    Triumph New Member

    Floydster - I am in almost the same situation. Placed order on same day & probably for same bullets. The difference is that I called & could not get a straight answer. They told me the bullets "should be" allocated to my order. Who knows?
  12. floydster

    floydster New Member

    Triumph, I guess we will just have to wait and see:)
    Thanks for your reply.
  13. GT1

    GT1 New Member

    Orders on March 29th and April first, tracking shows one is likely to be here today, the other tomorrow.

    Affordable Brass & Bullets:
    Ordered the 1st, and tracking shows out for delivery today.

    Even though I got my tracking # from PV on the 29th of March, it is just getting here today. They are still my go to guys for powder and primers. I am glad I don't 'need' anything right now. Sure would like some unique though(I have tags in for it at several places, it will show eventually)
  14. Triumph

    Triumph New Member

    Natchez must be liking me better! The last couple orders have been fast :)
  15. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch New Member

    I think when that happened they were trying to contact all the customers that placed orders and either offering to cancel orders or put them in line for a back order even though their website says they aren't accepting backorders.
  16. Triumph

    Triumph New Member


    Is this what you guys are experiencing from PV? I placed an order on 3/6. I called & they told me it would be 4/5 (today) before that order is worked on. This notice (on their website) says they are only now working on non-powder orders from 2/28.

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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
  17. GT1

    GT1 New Member

    Yes PV is running a month to process. The are a huge powder/primer retailer and they also take care of all MidwayUSA primer and powder orders.

    Calling them just takes someone away from their job shipping and packing and won't make things come any faster. Just sayin'.
  18. Triumph

    Triumph New Member

    I won't call & bother them again. I used a direct link to order on 3/6 and missed the warning above.

    They are being upfront about their delays.

  19. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch New Member

    I placed a powder order from PV on Feb. 24th, they processed the payment 4/1 or 4/2, and I received it about 2 hours ago. 39 days from ordering to receiving.
  20. Triumph

    Triumph New Member

    Thanks for the update!

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