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conceal carry. why should i get a permit?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by hartmen, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. hartmen

    hartmen Well-Known Member

    what are some good reasons to have one? me and my buddy was talking at work about it because i dont have one yet and was planning on getting one. but since ive talked to him im not sure i really need one.

    conceal carry makes it legal for my to carry a concealed weapon. not just a gun. but i can carry without one as long as its visable? atleast according to him. im in kentucky if it matters.

    we discussed places i couldnt take the gun and places i could and such.

    is it worth all the trouble to take a whole day and test just for a permit?

    im really :banghead: on this one guys.
  2. jay gatz

    jay gatz Member

    I don't know all the specific rules for your state but the biggest reason in my eyes to get a concealed carry license is to avoid having to worry about the 1000 foot perimeter around school property that you cannot have a gun unless licensed.
  3. hartmen

    hartmen Well-Known Member

    huh....never thought about that. i live less than a block away from a school. lol i shoot in the backyard all the time ahhahah
  4. Carter

    Carter Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest you not do that...
  5. wvshooter

    wvshooter Well-Known Member

    Get your permit and don't look back. The advantages of concealed carry over open carry are too numerous to list.
  6. The Sarge

    The Sarge Well-Known Member

    I see the School Zone issue has been raised already....
    Here in Texas a CHL does not have to go through the NICS background check to buy a gun. Check your state.
    I think the biggest advantage I have personally realized is one I never thought about....
    Stopped for speeding (guilty as I could be)...when I presented my drivers license and CHL....LEO smiled and said "have a nice day"......

    If you are going to conceal carry get your permit. You will enjoy the class (God forbid you may even learn something)....and carry without any thought of being in a situation without a permit.......being without a permit and being involved in a deadly defensive situation will put you in a bad light all the way around IMHO.
  7. Wheelgunner56

    Wheelgunner56 Member

    If you ever carry a firearm outside the home or a "weapon" as defined by your state laws, a permit is cheap insurance against getting arrested for running afoul of the law. Since there are so many laws that govern the carrying of weapons and firearms and often some are very vague , I say invest the time and money in the permit.
  8. oldbanjo

    oldbanjo Well-Known Member

    In some states having a fishing or hunting license will keep you from loosing your gun. A CWP protects me and my pistols, I also keep a hunting/fishing license to protect me and my long guns. In this state SC there is no rule on how you can carry a gun (pistol or long gun) to and from hunting or fishing. I have carried a pistol in a shoulder holster for 30yrs without a CWP. Also I carry a collapsible rod and reel in my saddle bags on my Motorcycle so I can carry my Mossberg 500 legally.
  9. Shytheed Dumas

    Shytheed Dumas Well-Known Member

    Get it and carry your gun for the same reason you put a seatbelt on in the car. You put it on without thinking about it, because you never expect to need it. But when you need it...
  10. jonmerritt

    jonmerritt Member.

    Everyone has there own reasons for carry. You have to carry for you, not what others think. If you have doubts, don't. If you do, get training. If you already have experiance and training, carry with pride and humility. And pray to god you never have to take anothers life, it can be a traumatic experiance.
  11. blackops

    blackops Well-Known Member

    It's better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have one.
  12. the foot

    the foot Well-Known Member

    If you are considering ever carrying a weapon for self defense, go ahead and acquire your state's license.

    If you don't qualify for a weapons license, i.e. if you're a felon, you still need to be able to defend yourself in case of attack by criminals. In your case, figure out the best method for your situation and defend yourself.

    Bottom line, we all need to be able to defend ourselves today. It's a problem we face, there is always the chance of being attacked by criminals. Having a weapons license is the way I see we can keep on defending ourselves and stay "legal".
  13. rdb

    rdb Active Member

    I use the Second Amendment as my permit. So far so good.
  14. JoeSlomo

    JoeSlomo Well-Known Member

    I'm with this guy... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I did the CHL deal so I won't get thrown in jail for carrying a tool that can offset any disadvantages I may face should I ever need to defend my life, or those that I love.
  15. psyopspec

    psyopspec Well-Known Member

    One of the perks to be gained is that in Denver county, you can get yourself added to a list of "flagged" persons (to include felons) if you successfully get a permit. Not a list I want to be on.
  16. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Ahhh yes... such as the element of :what: SURPRISE! The element of surprise works something like this:

    If you are attacked by a criminal (because you happen to look like every other prospective unarmed target out there), you might be able to surprise the criminal during the attack by fishing your gun out from concealment and shooting them with it. If you have practiced and have good aim, you will have saved the taxpayers a LOT of money (another benefit to concealed carry) because you will have "put away" (permanently) the criminal right there on the street and saved the cost of a trial and incarceration.

    BTW, the advantages of open carry over concealed carry are also too numerous to list. If you are going to carry a gun, read the endless threads of OC v. CC on here and the other gun forums and decide which way is best for you. It is not nearly as important how you carry the gun (within the bounds of law, obviously) as it is that you actually carry it and are prepared to use it, should the need arise.

    Your friend was right, BTW, open carry is legal in KY without a permit, HOWEVER, the 1000' Federal school zone law will apply if you don't have the permit. If you choose to get the permit, you can still open carry if you want AND be exempt from the Federal school zone law (in the state the permit is issued from).


    I would rather carry a gun for a lifetime and never need it, then to not carry it one day and need it that day.
  17. ZeroJunk

    ZeroJunk Well-Known Member

    I don't carry very often, the area I live in is just not particularly hazardous IMO. Matter of fact, I don't carry any more now than I did before I got a permit.
    But, I seem to always be buying guns and it is convenient not to have to go through the background check. And, if I have a pistol in the truck going scouting, putting a stand up, or whatever, I don't have to worry about visble from three angles or any of that stuff. And, if I take a notion to stick one in my pocket I can worry only about some potential hazard and not the legal hassle without a permit.
  18. mcdonl

    mcdonl Well-Known Member

    Bet that would hold up in court.... :)

    I would get the permit because it helps the cause to have the numbers, and if they someday change things perhaps current permit holders would be grandfather'd if laws changed some....

    And, it is just a good thing to have... transport guns without needing to unload/disable them, etc...
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
  19. hartmen

    hartmen Well-Known Member

    right now im like a sponge. give me all the insight you can.
  20. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot Well-Known Member

    I have labored over the decision for years... The one big stumbling block that keeps me out of the CC acquisition process is that it lets the government know my name. I'm not sure they do not already have this information even though the Virginia Insta-check is supposed to trash or dispose of the data within 90 days. A year or so ago down near Norfolk, a newspaper printed the names of folks that had CC licenses. Honestly, I'm not going anywhere that is such a tenuous area that I feel threatend enough to have to carry. Virginia's Open carry policy is good enough for me.


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