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Concealed Carry Clothiers Vests

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Kentucky Rifle, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    "The right to WEAR arms" is their motto. Pretty cute play on words, I thought. I'd like to recommend these vests as concealment vests that "really work". I purchased the women's model for my wife for Christmas and I couldn't help but order the men's "Double Action" model for myself. One "IP" or internal holster is provided with each vest, but I ordered more for different size pistols. The internal holsters are made of stiff cloth and are held in position by the strongest velcro I've ever felt. You have to find the position that best fits you and your pistol but once you do, your pistol isn't going anywhere! (Until you need it!)
    The women's model has nine pockets. (Not all with velcro.) The double action has a couple of pockets less, but I can draw from the inside or the outside on both the left or right sides. A couple of nice features are worth mentioning. The "arm holes" are cut high enough to conceal a shoulder holster and a velcro "wind strip" holds the front of the vest together in case of a stiff breeze. (Even when it's unbuttoned!) In other words, your belt holster won't be accidentally exposed. We're very happy with our Concealed Carry Clothiers vests. Well worth the price.

  2. HankL

    HankL Well-Known Member

  3. eap

    eap Well-Known Member

    they look goofy and stand out to me.
  4. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam


    Well, I guess "goofy" is in the eye of the beholder. Or maybe someone who can't afford a good concealment vest. We love ours.

  5. eap

    eap Well-Known Member

    edit* :neener:
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2003
  6. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    Now, now eap...

    Remember the name of the website, "The High Road". Sounds like you're the one getting hot.:D

  7. another okie

    another okie Well-Known Member

    The classic model is very traditional looking, and doesn't really scream "gun" the way some do. Unfortunately the standard models are too short for tall people. I'm 6'2" and the vest just barely covers IWB, so if I bend at all it uncovers. They will make longer models if specially requested.

    I think the pockets are not useful for anything heavier than a Kel-tec P32.
  8. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam


    I'm 6'3" and I ordered a 2" longer model. I just KNEW that I would "brandish" when I bent over if I ordered the regular length. I believe that only cost me 20 bucks more. And, I thought the same thing when I received mine regarding it only being good for carrying something REALLY light, like a P-32. But I've experimented with the velcro holster pockets. You have to move the holster around until you find what's comfortable for you. I did that, and now I can carry a J-frame pretty well. You have to find the "sweet-spot". I ordered the "Double Action", but I think it would be the same for the "Classic" model. I also ordered ours made from "Taslan". I think that's a cotton/nylon blend. I'm still not quite sure that I did the right thing. I usually ALWAYS order non-flamable cotton clothing. I don't want to have to worry that my nylon is melting on me if I auger in...(again) while I'm running.:eek:
    (The pilots on the board will understand.:) )

  9. Blackhawk

    Blackhawk Member In Memoriam

    I'm thinkin' about one....

    But more research is going to be needed.
  10. bobw

    bobw Member

    Do you think one of these vests would work ok for a sig p239? Or would that be too big and heavy?
  11. bobs1066

    bobs1066 Well-Known Member

    Moving over from the "inconceivable" thread, I got the Lt Olive kinda sage green-like color. I'm on the short side, so the length is fine for me. Bobw, a Sig239 is one of the guns I'm going to try out in this vest. I'd don't think the size is going to be as much as a concern as the weight will be.
  12. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    Both "Bob's"... :)

    With a heavier pistol, I put a loaded spare mag and sometimes my Sebenza on the opposite side to "balance" things out. Works well. I wore mine again last night and nobody "made" me. I even had a large pistol on my hip that the vest covered up nicely. I nearly went for the sage green color too, but since a longer size was going to have to be made up for me anyway, I chose the charcoal taslan. Looks nice. Works well.
    By the way. "CCC" offers something that they call a "wind strip", it too works well. The wind strip is just a ~2 inch velcro thing on the front that keeps the wind from blowing the vest open and exposing your belt pistol, even if the vest is unbuttoned. It's a good option. I don't remember the cost, but it was inexpensive.

  13. Onslaught

    Onslaught Well-Known Member

    First, let me say you guys... I am SMILING while I'm typing. This isn't meant to be a flame, or an insult... I just want to add a dose of reality here... Because I care.

    I am glad you guys like your "Tropical Vests", and I guess MAYBE in other parts of the country it's possible that people who AREN'T carrying wear those, but here in the Southeast, EVERYONE who's wearing a vest of that style is totin'...

    In fact, the only other styles of vest anybody around here wears is either the "I wanna be a cowboy" vest or the "I wanna be a biker" vest. Other than that, vests are only worn if they're blue and say "Hi, welcome to WalMart". :D

    If you guys seriously think this vest doesn't SCREAM "GUN", then either you spend most of your time around fellow gun owners, or you're just kidding yourself.

    Love ya! Mean it! ;)
  14. eap

    eap Well-Known Member

    what onslaught said.;)
  15. bobs1066

    bobs1066 Well-Known Member

    Well, golly gee, eap maybe you shouldn't get one then.

    Here in the midwest I see a lot of people wearing all sorts of vests. I don't think they are all packing heat or want to be cowboy bikers.

    As I said in another thread, I'll wear this "dry" for a while to see if it attracts undue attention.

    Anyhow, I think I look good in a vest, it gives me that "savage & masterful" air...;)
  16. bobs1066

    bobs1066 Well-Known Member

    I'm reaching the conclusion here that there are some people who think these vests are a good idea & some that think they are a bad idea.

    Imagine that...
  17. bobw

    bobw Member

    Well, back in the early 90's I used to often wear vests just because I liked them. I still think they look nice, even if they're not in style right now. I don't consider myself to be a hip, in-style person, anyway.

    How do you know all the people wearing vests like these are carrying? Even if that's true, do you think everybody else thinks "gun" when they see somebody wearing one?
  18. tobeat1

    tobeat1 Well-Known Member

    Not trying to be "hatefull" but I have one and I do not much care for it. The pockets really are not much good for anything other than a P32 or a Smith Airweight. If somebody tries to say otherwise have them throw one on and do jumping jacks in it and you will see what I mean. That said the quality of the vests are quite good, just not what I was looking for.
  19. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

    The vest just doesn't cut it for me, sorry KR. It has nothing to do with quality and usefulness, strictly style and what I usually wear doesn't blend. But to each his own and I'm glad it works for you. I prefer a heavy denim shirt left untucked.
  20. Kentucky Rifle

    Kentucky Rifle Member In Memoriam

    Hey Guy's..

    Nothing wrong with honest posts like that!

    KMKeller: Funny that you should put it that way~~I'm dressed just like that right now! :)

    Tobeat1: Long time since I've done any quantity of jumping jacks! I don't think I'd want a vest on during jumping jacks anyway!:D


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