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Congress+ (Application)

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by The_Shootist, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. The_Shootist

    The_Shootist Well-Known Member

    Congress+ - it might be useful for when you have to advise your congresscritter about your stance on the 2A from your iPhone or Blackberry


    Similiarly, they have released (or will release soon) similiar apps on the 10 largest states for your state representatives, with a mind to releasing all 50 in the future.
  2. kilo729

    kilo729 Well-Known Member

    A hundred dollars a year for pro, holy ****.

    No thank you. Plus they don't have one for android.
  3. The_Shootist

    The_Shootist Well-Known Member


    I'm just showing the Congress+ to be $4.99 at the appstore for iPhone. I suspect the CongressPro would be of more use to lobbyists etc who interact closely with Congress as a job, and hence would just expense the cost.
  4. Atroxus

    Atroxus Well-Known Member

    Sounds cool, but I just can't see $100 to get a software app on my blackberry.

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