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Congressman seeks to ban printed mags

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jerkface11, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Active Member

  2. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire New Member

    I have yet to understand what a 3-D printed magazine is? How can you print on plastic?
  3. Solo

    Solo New Member

  4. Birch Knoll

    Birch Knoll New Member

    You don't print on it. You print with it.
  5. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

    A 3D "printer" is like a miniature factory that laser carves from a hunk of poly to make things based on a transmitted pattern, such as an AR-15 magazine. The one that made such a furor was made on a 1990s machine with mild plastic, and the feedlips deformed slightly upon 90 rounds of rapid fire, but it proved the concept, and with better plastic would be just as durable as any P-Mag. The body, follower and baseplate are all "printed", the spring is obtained elsewhere. I am told there ARE newer 3D "printers" that use metals, THAT could be interesting. This is why the Congresscritter wan'ts to ban them - he can't control them in cyberspace. The patterns are out on the 'net already - he's too late.
  6. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

  7. Zoogster

    Zoogster Active Member

    Sadly the article quotes him as using a 'semi auto' rifle.

    The rifle was in fact fully automatic.

    The use of a fully automatic rifle actually demonstrates reliability even better than a semi-auto rifle because of the high feed rate required.

    However in this article where they provide a link to actually see the demonstration of the fully automatic rifle it will help to confuse the uneducated into thinking the video is of a 'semi auto' rifle, those things they are trying to ban, and they will see a fully automatic rifle.
    Helping to associate fully automatic fire with the term 'semi auto'. Something done intentionally by anti gunners in the 1990s to promote the now expired federal AWB and some state level restrictions.
  8. Sun195

    Sun195 New Member

    They'll probably have as much luck restricting 3D printing as they have restricting other "unapproved" file sharing.

    Sorry - genie is out of the bottle on this one.
  9. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter New Member

    ^^^I have a friend working in graphics that has a 3d printer. Quite amazing to see. In 10 years, they will be ubiquitous (and much improved) and there are plenty of smart college kids who could design up the files for, say, a Glock 19 mag. Genie is not just out of the bottle; he's going to start granting wishes, to boot.
  10. Justin

    Justin Moderator Staff Member

    The leftists in this country are already seeking to make 10+ round magazines illegal.

    What does this dip actually propose? To make 3d printed magazines double plus secret illegal?

    These people are so utterly and fundamentally out of touch it would be hilarious if they weren't so clearly dangerous.
  11. armoredman

    armoredman Active Member

    No, not double secret probation!:what::neener:

    I want a vz-58 magazine program, have some spare springs around here somewhere...
  12. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge New Member

    Good luck with that, Congressman. Maybe you can attach that to the "Ban Inkjet Printers From Printing Child Porn Bill".
  13. vtail

    vtail New Member

    Government needs to learn that if it's bits and bytes, they ain't stopping it.
  14. sonick808

    sonick808 New Member

    these gun grabbers would have banned the industrial revolution if this hoplophobia had existed in the 19th century
  15. sonick808

    sonick808 New Member

    I have an old reprap that I plan to rebuild, and a hackerspace here in town has several of the devices. It might take ten 'til ubiquity, but i suspect we're talking close to 5. Just a guess... The cool part is that it doesn't take an industrial budget, this is a desktop revolution, the best type of all
  16. velojym

    velojym New Member

    They're going to have to approach it in a neo-Luddite direction, persecuting techies and burning electronics in the square. The only way they can stop this, ultimately, is to bring us to the world envisioned in the story Anthem.

    You can't stop the signal!
  17. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    HAHAHA! "Double Plus Secret Illegal"

    Oh man, that's good.
  18. velojym

    velojym New Member

    They'll also add "And we REALLY mean it this time" to the Gun-Free zone signs too.
  19. Dr_B

    Dr_B member

    Dang! And I'll bet they'll outlaw time travel as soon as it arrives too.
  20. ErikO

    ErikO New Member

    I'm planning on taking up metal forming. No particular reason.

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