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Consensus on the Cz40P?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by mic_poo, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. mic_poo

    mic_poo New Member

    So I was looking at a very nice condition CZ40P the other day, and thought pretty seriously about picking it up. I've always loved the way that model fits my hand.

    However, after searching around, looks like the fact that CZ may have left that model abandoned without much support. I've heard of the plastic bushing (not sure which bushing it is) and flimsy guide rod, but noone that I could find had actually had a problem with any of the parts on the pistol. I already have a couple of old models in the safe that do not have parts support for them, so I don't need another pistol that I'm afraid to shoot in fear of something breaking.

    Question is... what's the longevity outlook for 40P?
  2. wnycollector

    wnycollector New Member

    IIRC the CZ-40P was a limited edition pistol. Some have termed it a "frankengun" since CZ put together the CZ 40P from left over 40B slides and P-01 frames.

    I have a CZ40B and it is a superb pistol. The fit and finish of my 40B is the equal of any of my west german SIGs. One would think that the 40P should be a solid pistol that provides great service for years.
  3. schmeky

    schmeky New Member

    IIRC the 40P is a decocker. The 40B has a manual safety. I don't have a 40P, but I do have a 40B, which is no longer produced.

    I have to agree with wnycollector, my 40B is the equal of any Sig P-226 I have owned, with one 226 being a West German. In fact, I personally prefer the 40B.

    BTW, I bought my 40B from CDNN a few years ago when they had sale. A NIB 40B was going for $289.00 + shipping. I should have bought 2 or 3.

    I don't think you could go wrong with the 40P, in fact, since it had a limited production, that could be an additional reason to pick one up.
  4. wnycollector

    wnycollector New Member

    Ahhhh those were the days:) I picked mine up NIB for $280 via an online auction. I personally think the 40B was/is worth double what I paid for it. It had all the little extras like a SS guide rod and braided recoil spring, everything was top of the line.
  5. tekarra

    tekarra New Member

    You guys are rubbing salt in an open wound. I passed on the CDNN sale and have kicked myself several times.
  6. wnycollector

    wnycollector New Member

    I wish I had bought every gun that I knew was a good deal, but for one reason or another I didnt:( I still see cz40B's and 40P's on gunbroker, gunsamerica and auctionarms. Will you get one for less than $300...but $400 is still a very fair price.
  7. schmeky

    schmeky New Member

    Hey, no problem, if you need anyone to deliver a swift kick, I'll be glad to help you out :D

    This is one of my 100% semi-autos and will feed anything from 155 JHPs to 170 LSCW's to 220 lead TC bullets. If you find one at a good price, well . . . .
  8. mic_poo

    mic_poo New Member

    The one I'm considering has night sights on it too.

    If I decide to get it, I'd wind up trading my Kahr PM45 for it. So based on trade value, its probably well over the $400 point.

    I don't carry the PM45, and I wouldn't call it fun to shoot, but I love the feel of the cz75 and P01/6 in my hand.
  9. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine New Member

    I've had one since Apr, 07.
    Good shooter. Accurate and reliable. I don't remember a single malfunction.

    The gun is doing duty as a nightstand gun.

    I haven't put thousands of rounds through it, so I don't know how well it will hold up, or if there is a parts availibility problem.
  10. atblis

    atblis New Member

    If you can get it cheap, go for it (cheap being $325 or less). Otherwise, ehh.
  11. tekarra

    tekarra New Member

    I left myself open for that one, lol!
  12. Stasher1

    Stasher1 New Member

    That was true of the original batch of 40P's that were actually built with slides from the failed Colt/CZ venture (the Colt Z40) and frames from the P-01, which is why the original 40P's had a recess in the slide where CZ had milled off the Z40 markings and restamped them as 40P's. Supposedly there were only 1500 built using those slides. However, once the 1500 were gone, CZ saw an opportunity and continued building them using 40B slides marked as 40P's.

    They are great guns, but they truly are "frankenguns". The combination of the 40B slide and P-01 frame necessitated a plastic spacer/recoil bushing, they used the P-01 guide rod which is too short for the slide, and .40 cal CZ-75 mags with a large plastic baseplate to fill the gap between the bottom of the full-size mag and the compact grip of the P-01 frame. A definite oddball...but an incredibly accurate one. :)

    Colt Z40:


    CZ 40B:


    CZ 40P with slide milled:


    CZ 40P with no recess:

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2010

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