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Contact info in eastern Pennsylvania

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by bluesteel63, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. bluesteel63

    bluesteel63 Member

    I am interested in finding some contact information on competition shooting with a semi auto handgun in the area I live. I live between Reading and Harrisburg. I would like to learn to shoot competition but have no contacts or any information in my area to get involved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. cavman

    cavman Well-Known Member

    .22 Indoor Bullseye Match Abbottstown, PA Feb 24-27

    There is a Bullseye .22 Match in Abbotstown that a bunch of us are heading to.

    If you are interested in coming here is Neil's email below:

    The annual NRA Indoor Conventional Pistol (Sectional) Championship will again be sponsored by the York & Adams Pistol Team, February 24-27, 2011, in Abbottstown, PA 17301. This is a 22 caliber, 900 match. There are openings still available on all four days, and some relays are already sold out. Hot food will be served on Saturday and Sunday.

    For a copy of either the Match Program or Entry Form: (Listing in Shooting Sports)
    Abbottstown -- Thursday, February 24, 2011 - Sunday, February 27, 2011 (nsk@nsksales.com)
    N. Kravitz, Box 49, Boring, MD 21020; 410-833-2100; Fax: 410-833-2101.

    NSK Co
    410-833-2100 | Fax: 410-833-2101
  3. cavman

    cavman Well-Known Member

    Tom Mix, Zero Bullet dealer in PA

    He shoots Bullseye, Master classification if I recall, and he and several guys from PA come to Fairfax Rod and Gun Club in Manassas, VA for the matches there. He might be a good one to give a ring to help you find other matches.

    His number is (814) 472- 5991
  4. waktasz

    waktasz Well-Known Member

  5. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    You've hit the motherload right there. That's Walt Jones' IDPA (and some other) match site. Sign up for his newsletter and you'll get an email every week telling you what matches are coming up for that weekend. From March - November, that's usually about 8-12 matches every weekend at a variety of clubs from as far west as Altoona, up to southern NY, south to Annapolis, out east into NJ.

    Off the top of my head, you'd be really close to Ontelaunee, where Tim Kirkpatrick puts on a fabulous monthly match, New Holland R&P where Neal will be starting up his third year, Lower Providence who just did a really nice range development project. And Blue Ridge Cherry Valley (Kevin S.) shouldn't be too far.

    If you can make it as far west as Harrisburg, you're always welcomed to come shoot my matches at West Shore Sportsmen (Lewisberry) the first Sunday of every month at 10:00am.

    Seriously, look at Walt's page and welcome to the 'family!' :)
  6. waktasz

    waktasz Well-Known Member

    Lower Prov is also starting up USPSA starting in March.
  7. bluesteel63

    bluesteel63 Member

    Thanks guys your a huge help.

    Sam I will certainly make it out to your place its not that far from me really. I'm just about 45 minutes east of Harrisburg in a town called Schuylkill Haven so I will come and see a match to get a good feel for it.

    That's a great website with allot of good information on it. Thank you
  8. waktasz

    waktasz Well-Known Member

  9. bluesteel63

    bluesteel63 Member

    I found Topton somehow thru the USPSA website earlier today and was looking at it. I planned to go to the match this month and observe it and talk to a few guys to get more familiar with it. Thanks again for your help.
  10. waktasz

    waktasz Well-Known Member

    Assuming you have the required equipment (which just means enough mags and pouches to shoot a 32 round stage) just show up and shoot it. Watching sounds like a good idea but you will regret not bringing your gear and just jumping right in.
  11. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    Great! Our first match will be March 6th, 10:00 am. Generally we do a six stage IDPA match and some type of side match afterward.

    This month we're probably going to run the IDPA classifier as 3 of those stages (not 100% sure yet), and it looks like we'll run a defensive shotgun side match of a couple of stages. Cost is $20, lunch is included.

    Love to see you there!

    [Also, if you're ever out our way during the week, we hold practices every Thursday night from 6:30 to whenever. Feel free to drop in!]
  12. bluesteel63

    bluesteel63 Member

    Right now I have a sigma 9mm that I'm going to start with. I need to get a couple more mags and some mag pouches tho. I have a boat motor I'm selling so when I sell that I plan on getting a Glock or M&P, not yet sure. I love the sigma tho. Ive shot a ton of ammo thru it and its never failed me yet, not once. The trigger isnt the best on it tho so thats why I would rather get something else to shoot competition with.

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