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Contact Info - NY

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Colt Smith, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Colt Smith

    Colt Smith Well-Known Member

    Passing this along......

    If anyone or any club would like to order any please get back to me ASAP.


    Subject: Rogers Pocket Directories

    The NYSCC office will be ordering copies of the 2009 Rogers Pocket Directories. The directories contain phone and fax numbers, email addresses, committee info and photos of all NYS Senators and Assembly members, as well as Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate. The standing committees of the NYS Senate and Assembly are listed, along with a listing of the Majority and Minority Leadership.

    The cost is $8.95 each; or, if we can order 10 or more, they are $5.75 each. The directories will be shipped to NYSCC at the end of February.

    Please reply ASAP to the Council office at 315-894-3302 or nyscc@nyscc.com if you are interested, and let us know how many you would like. If you need the directory mailed to you, add $1 for one; if more than one, contact the Council office to ask the amount of postage to add.

    As soon as we know how many we can order, we will get back to you with the price.


    Harold L. Palmer
    New York State Conservation Council, Inc.
  2. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Good info, thanks.
  3. Colt Smith

    Colt Smith Well-Known Member


    "We have received sufficient orders to offer the Directory to you at $6.95 each, including postage and handling. Please send your check (payable to NYSCC) for $6.95 now to: NYS Conservation Council, 8 East Main Street, Ilion, NY 13357-1899. We will send the Directory to you as soon as we receive the books in the Council office."

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