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Converting a Glock 35 to 9mm

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Jeff22, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Jeff22

    Jeff22 New Member

    I just got a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel for my new Glock 35 in .40 cal.

    I did it because 9mm ammo is cheaper than .40 cal ammo. I have no plans to use the 9mm barrel for defensive use.

    I also bought a couple of G17 magazines to use with the 9mm barrel.

    On my first trip to the range, I shot 50 rounds of M882 GI ball and 150 rnds of Winchester generic (white box) without any malfunctions. I’ve since put about 500 rounds through the gun, including commercial reloads using FMJ and lead bullets, and had no malfunctions.

    I did not have to change the ejector or extractor.

    BarSto and Storm Lake and KKM precision also make conversion barrels.

    I think a 9mm conversion barrel might be worth considering if you have a Glock in .40 cal. It would allow for cheaper practice.
  2. fatcat4620

    fatcat4620 New Member

    I would like one to shoot hardcast bullets. Then you get real cheap.
  3. Teachu2

    Teachu2 New Member

    I believe all the aftermarket conversion barrels will handle lead.
  4. TMann

    TMann New Member

    I have a Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel in my Glock 32 (.357 Sig, compact frame.) I use 9mm G19 mags and it's been flawless so far. I will probably pick up the 9mm extractor to have just in case, but so far it is working fine without it.

  5. GCBurner

    GCBurner New Member

    I got the Lone Wolf 9mm barrel and some Glock 17 mags to shoot 9mm in my Glock 22. It works fine with the standard extractor and recoil spring unit, as long as I'm shooting full-power factory ammo. Lighter handloads sometimes fail to fully eject due to short stroking the slide.
  6. powder

    powder member

  7. fatcat4620

    fatcat4620 New Member

    They all do, getting one is the key. Just looking at the price difference it pays for itself in one order of 2000 9mm boolits vs. 2000 plated .40 bullets.
  8. caverkevin

    caverkevin New Member

    I have run close to 1500 rounds out of my 23 with a LW conversion barrel. It gets used usually twice a month to shoot IDPA matches. I have yet to have a single issue. Using the 40 cal extractor and KCI 9mm mags.
  9. Shootenbulls

    Shootenbulls New Member

    I have read on other forums like TFL that you need to swap out the return springs in the gen 4's to the lighter 9mm spring like in the g17. (to as I have a g22 full size) does any body have any experience in this?
  10. frankmako

    frankmako New Member

    i got several and all i change is the barrel and mags to shoot 9mm. never had any problems.

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