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Converting Anti's- how persistant are you?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Yohan, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Yohan

    Yohan Well-Known Member

    Just the other day, I was talking toa girl I knew, who was apparently an anti. She kept up brining up arguments about how guns were meant to kill people, and how kids always end up shooting each other. I kept up bringing up arguments that she couldn't refute, and when she ran out of arguments to use, she said I was giving her a headache and to put things mildly, I felt like an ass. How persistant are you when it comes to arguing with anti's? I have never given up on an argument and in the end, I usually end up making the person feel really bad. Oh well, maybe some day they will learn :evil:
  2. Nanook

    Nanook Well-Known Member

    You probably gave her a headache since she was forced to use an unused muscle. Her brain.
    Facts have that effect on people who speak from emotions rather than reason.
    Once she ran out of nonsense from the anti camp, you forced her to counter your arguments from reason. She can't so it was 'does not compute.' Game, set and match, Yohan.

    I won't back down, not to the point of fisticuffs, that would work against us. But I've never encountered an anti type person who could dissuade me from the truth. I work surrounded by Democrats, and every election I have to hear this nonsense from these people while they tell me that the democrats are 'the worker's friend'. They would rather have a job then freedom. When I mention the little saying above the Nazi concentration camps, "Arbeit macht frei" (work makes you free) you can see their eyes glaze over. They just can't make the connection.

    Keep up the fight, it is the good fight.
  3. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    I always try to establish a friendship first. When guns are brought up I always invite them out to the range and lunch. I think people learn from first hand experience. I am gently persistant but not overbearing and if someone does not want to discuss it I am polite enough to back off.
  4. bogie

    bogie Well-Known Member

    I try to just be persistent overall - Set a good example, and every so often, invite folks shooting...
  5. thumbtack

    thumbtack Well-Known Member

    What is that old saying "you can attract more flies with honey....†That is the approach I use, arguing does not work, argument turn emotional quickly and no one learns. I think Path stated it best. First befriend them, educate and then provide first hand experience works.

    Anyone that gets turned during an argument usually goes back to their former belief.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2003
  6. Yohan

    Yohan Well-Known Member

    This person had not even the slightest idea how gun works and refused to believe that guns only went bang after the trigger was pulled on the grounds that triggers were part of the gun. Up being asked what she would do should an armed intruder enter the house and had cut the phone line, she promptly declared that she had a headache. Bah! :cuss:
  7. AnklePocket

    AnklePocket Guest

    Unyieldingly persistent, but never disrespectful of another's opinion regardless of what it is. My only hope for the hardcore anti's is that I've given them something that they can secretly think about.
    I find that almost everyone respects my opinion whether they agree with me or not although I've lost a small group of friends from college because of my views. I would say that I'm better off without them. Their ancestors were wondering what happened while the nozzles of the gas chambers were turned on while mine were the Warsaw Ghetto types.
    Make no mistake: When I fight you lose and you're damn lucky that we're on the same side.
  8. Nanook

    Nanook Well-Known Member

    I should probably clarify my previous post. It sounded more belligerent than I wanted.
    I meant to say that during a discussion I wouldn't back away from my point of view. I agree with trying the honey approach first, that's the usual thing. Invite them shooting so they can see what they're missing, offer to teach them how to be safe with a gun, etc.
    I've heard the 'guns are meant to kill' thing too many times and it's annoying. It seems you can hear their minds slam shut after they utter those words.
    Anyway, didn't mean to come off as I did on the first post. The subject is near and dear to me, and I always defend our rights.
  9. sasnofear

    sasnofear member

    they norm dont convert. but i'll argue & argue & argue jus 2 annoy them :evil: :neener:

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