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Convince me not to buy a cz-82...please

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Raph84, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Raph84

    Raph84 Well-Known Member

    I just got an email that AIM Surplus has CZ-82's ($230 and they have ammo $6.50 per 50) in. I have really wanted either a CZ-83 or a Bersa for a while, and I'm really tempted.

    I am really iffy about buying surplus guns, and I recall some people had issues with the last lot that were out there. I really don't want to spend $250ish (what I figure it will cost when all is said and done) to get what mat be a lemon, when I can spend the same $ on a Bersa or wait a while and go for a new '83.

    What's the verdict? Should I go for it and take the chance?
  2. candr44

    candr44 Well-Known Member

    I would go for it but I already have one. The price is the best I have seen yet and no one else has original holsters and lanyard.

    I like my CZ 82 and don't regret buying it at all. They are great pistols but if you are leary about surplus you can see if makarov. com has some CZ 83 pistols in 9x18. I believe the 83 would be new with a warranty but they will also cost a lot more.

    AIM lists their 82,s in excellent condition so I don't think you are likely to get stuck with a lemon.
  3. CZF

    CZF Well-Known Member

    Don't buy one. Excellent ergonomics and will eat anything you can put thru it!
    Far better accuracy than most pocket pistol caliber guns.

    CZ would make a Billion if they could offer a 9mm/40 in the same size.


    They can also be quite beautiful:

  4. Texfire

    Texfire Well-Known Member

    Um, I bought one and it's kinda hard to get a left-handed holster for a CZ-82/83. Sorry that's the only drawback I could think of. I guess the British-sytle pot metal black finish can be a turn-off for some.

    Sweet shooting, accurate double stack with the best Eastern Block trigger I've ever found. Can be shot either double action or cocked and locked single. Oh also shoots inexpensive 9x18 Makarov which isn't bad for a "marginal" round.

    Did I help? :evil:

  5. HankC

    HankC Well-Known Member

    Are CZ 82/83 parts and mags interchangeable? If not, any problem with supply of 82 parts?
  6. tegemu

    tegemu Well-Known Member

    OK. DON'T BUY IT!!!!!
  7. sgphoto

    sgphoto Well-Known Member

    I bought 2

    Can't beat the price. I have two EG Maks in 9 x18 so buying the CZs was a natural. Really a nice cartridge, I expect more SD rounds to be produced in 9 x18.

    Got 500 rds of the surplus 9x18 to play with so I'm set for a couple of days.

  8. Raph84

    Raph84 Well-Known Member

    Well I'm almost convinced, I'm likely going to buy.

    I did want to know (and I assume they are...but) as wondered above, are the '82 and '83 mags compatible?
  9. Texfire

    Texfire Well-Known Member

    My understanding from when I did research into buying another mag for my 82 is 83 mags are identical to 82 mags, but my dealer ended up getting an couple extra original mags with his next shipment so I bought one of those instead. The 82 has polygonal rifling, is only available in military issue black, and is only chambered in 9x18 Makarov. The 83 has conventional rifling and is mostly chambered in .380 ACP, thought there have been runs of it chambered in 9x18, and it's avaible in blued and stainless models.

  10. FireBreather01

    FireBreather01 Well-Known Member

    Try HBE Leather - he's got a wait list but it's worth it. I also carry/shoot lefty and Eric's work is outstanding. I have 2 83's and they are fantastic guns - loads of fun - accurate, tough, great teaching guns, etc - get the 82, you won't regret it!
  11. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    Weight 1.8 lbs
    Overall Length 6.8 in
    Barrel Length 3.8 in
    Height 5 in
    Width 1.4 in

    Weight 1.6 lbs
    Overall Length 6.6 in
    Barrel Length 3 in
    Height 4.7 in
    Width 1.3 in

    I'm sure the folk at CZ are waitin' on that Billion :neener:
  12. Buck Nekkid

    Buck Nekkid Well-Known Member

    Hey Pard!

    Don't buy one! There I've said it for ya! That'll leave that many more fer the rest of us!!:neener:

    I had a real nice surplus 82 and foolishly sold it off to finance a CZ 83 (also in 9 x 18 Makarov). Well the CZ 83 is nickel plated, but the CZ 82 had a better trigger (from a lot of use by the MP's I'm a guessin').

    Re: polyogonal barrels--all CZ 82's and CZ 83's in 9 x 18 have 'em. They almost look like a smooth bore, but they ain't. Durn accurate, fer sure!
  13. PCRCCW

    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    Oh oh oh...........ok..dont buy it, tell me where to! :D
    Get it and you WONT regret it........one of my all time favorite guns.
    Shoot well and god bless
  14. johnnyonthespot

    johnnyonthespot Well-Known Member

    man o man... convince ME...

    i want one too...

    i used to live one block from the AIM surplus warehouse...

    now im 40 minutes away and im gettin into guns and i wish i could just stumble over there, buy a cz82 and a k98... now i gotta stumble to my car and drive there...

    the cz82's are %209.00
    seems like a steal... i havent read one bad thing about them...

    love the design/size...
  15. woad_yurt

    woad_yurt Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Mar 2, 2008
  16. Chester32141

    Chester32141 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a link for the $6.50 per box ammo you mention ??
  17. paperpuncher49

    paperpuncher49 Well-Known Member

    Convince me not to buy a cz-82...please

    Sorry.....No can do!
  18. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre Well-Known Member

    Well, the magazine release can be sucky.

    Did that help?
  19. usp9

    usp9 Well-Known Member

    The CZ83 chambered in 9mm Mak also has a polygonal barrel. It is not available in stainless, but in Nickle and there are reported problems with flaking. The CZ83 is also available in .32acp. and these too are available used, with the old round trigger guard for a good price. The .32 mags are harder to find.

    As to buying a CZ82...just remember it is a used, probably military sidearm, that will have wear to some extent, and that extent is unknown. Some have very worn sears and hammers. A number show up missing parts, especially the slide stop lever spring. I've seen two that were nothing better than worn out crap. The one I own is in pretty good shape, though I suspect it has seen many rounds through it's almost smooth bore, which by the way does not look like other polygonal bores from say Glock or HK.

    Buyer beware...it could be a very nice pistol or it could be a dog. My advise...function test thouroughly.
  20. Cron

    Cron Well-Known Member

    Nice Gun

    The magazine release sits lower than the thumbrest making it a little slow to drop the mag. The release is also directly in line with my trigger finger. When I pull the trigger the tip of my finger hits the release causing the fleshy part of my fingertip to get caught between the trigger and the rear of the guard. Causes a minor bite. Grip is a bit thick due to the doublestack mag. Safety is a little stiff but my gun is brand new.
    Sights are crisp and easy to acquire. Trigger pull is smooth in both SA and DA but a little heavy in DA. Accuracy is excellent. Build quality seems first rate. Finish on my 83 is better than almost any competitor with the possible exception of the Sig 230/232. So far function has been flawless, far better than the Bersa I test fired. I like mine!
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2008

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