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Could get a new new DPMS TiN coated for $100. is it truly drop in?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Kingofthehill, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Kingofthehill

    Kingofthehill Well-Known Member

    Question is in the title. A friend was building a higher end AR but ran into some money problems and is parting it out.

    He has a brand new DPMS Titanium Nitride Coated BCG new in package that he will sell for $100.

    The AR it would go in is a Bushmaster.

    Is this a drop in type upgrade or will i have to worry about head spacing or anything like that?

  2. highorder

    highorder Well-Known Member

    Drops right in.

  3. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    AR headspacing is exclusive of the bolt, if the barrel is torqued correctly now, it will work with the new one...any new one...or old one. Just drop her in.

  4. chuckles

    chuckles Well-Known Member

    Drops right in, just be sure the carrier gas key is properly torqued and staked.
    $100 sounds OK. I would probably buy one. You can buy a BCM for about that much too.
  5. jem375

    jem375 Well-Known Member

    titanium? doubt it, their IONBOND coated is $199

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