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Could the cartoon violence lead to rifle bans?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Manedwolf, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Manedwolf

    Manedwolf member

    I have to wonder. And yeah, I know "cartoon violence" is a pretty surreal headline. Brings to mind images of falling anvils and ACME products exploding.

    But with the fact that the mob protests, violent protests are spreading, and it seems like in more and more countries, all those signs of "behead those who insult Islam" are accompanied by wild-eyed, crazed people with the ubiqitous Kalashnikovs...

    ...if protests started happening in the US, I have to wonder if some politicians might not take it upon themselves to try for a sneaky "assault weapons" ban again, appealing to the soccer-security moms and showing them scary pictures of crazed "protestors" firing AKs atop the EU embassies.

  2. sumpnz

    sumpnz Well-Known Member

    Maybe, but I doubt it. Especially since if some crazy person started shooting their AK in a lot of places in this country he'd quickly find a variety of calibers coming his direction. Witness the guy in TX who tried to kill is ex-wife and son on the court house steps. All it would take to stop the ban attempts would be for one American to take out a crazy with anything from a deer rifle to (preferably in this case) an EBR. And have that fact publicized to the extent that the MSM can't ignore it. At that point I think most Americans would realize the utility of having guns and not support a ban.
  3. merk

    merk Well-Known Member

    Let them bring their "behead those who insult islam" signs on my property. I can see it now.

    "It was a death threat officer! I was fearing for my life!"


    Dont get me wrong, I have respect for culture and religions, but islamo-fascism(just like fascism period) should NOT be tolerated). The human right of Freedom of speech is a powerful thing, and nobody has the right to try to strong arm it away from you . What about the Al Qeada videos of them kicking down doors and shooting silhouettes with Christian crosses on them?

    Real hypocritical, dirtbags.
  4. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Anything is a good excuse for politicians to disarm commoners. Heck, imaginary global warming will do in a pinch.
  5. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    It is interesting to note that US Muslims have remained mostly quiet during all of this.

    It could be that they are more reasonable folks, or it could be that they know how long this crap would be tolerated here........and why.
  6. fisherman66

    fisherman66 Well-Known Member

    I don't think ray guns should be legal.....for the children's sake.:p
  7. Sindawe

    Sindawe Well-Known Member

    This is a possibility. They could also be aware that speaking out against the rioting loons makes THEM a target for those loon here in the US, as well as making them targets for the nut-jobs on the "Amerika Furst!" front. :uhoh:
  8. ctdonath

    ctdonath Well-Known Member

    The cartoon violence could lead to rifle USE.
  9. EddieCoyle

    EddieCoyle Well-Known Member

    Ok. So let me get this straight.....

    A cartoon portrays Isalm as a violent religion, so they respond with what? Behead the cartoonists? Behead cartoonists? Um, Wow. I'm a Catholic. How should I feel?
  10. depicts

    depicts Well-Known Member


    when the photograph "Piss Crucifix" was displayed under the auspicies of federally funded council of arts, I got rather ticked off. I didn't see rioting in the streets, though it is maybe the most extreme example of anti catholic "Art" I've ever seen. After that, a cartoon about Mohammed with a bomb on his head doesn't seem so bad to me. I think these fanatics are way out of line and need to be stopped

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