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Couple of questions...best quality .308 assault rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by glockrock, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. glockrock

    glockrock Active Member

    with no jams and superb accuracy.
    Accuracy of ak47 and best brands and low jams?
  2. GRIZ22

    GRIZ22 Well-Known Member

    No jams and superior acuuracy I'd say DPMS.

    AK accuracy and reliabilty buy a Saiga.
  3. jklinstein

    jklinstein Well-Known Member

    FAL... No jams, great accuracy, great relaibility.

    DSA is a quality manufacturer.
  4. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    I'd go HK91 or M14 from LRB.

    Springfield's M1As get a lot of Errornet time but if you want quality and something that will last (most M1As are not shot a lot)LRB=>http://www.lrbarms.com/
  5. kcmarine

    kcmarine Well-Known Member

  6. gunsmith

    gunsmith member

    An assault rifle is very expensive, my friends G91 (or is it 93?)
    cost around 20,000.
    You could save a bundle by getting a regular semi auto in .308 caliber.
  7. buck00

    buck00 Well-Known Member

    I would LOVE a .308 assault rifle as well, but they are too rare and expensive. I can't even take part in this conversation, being a member of the American public I have almost no access to assault rifles.

    But BTW my semi-auto M1A rifle shoots GREAT.
  8. Evil Monkey

    Evil Monkey member

    Call them what you want, even if they don't have a full auto function. I call my semi auto AK an assault rifle because that's what it's based off of. And when I get a CETME, I'm going to call it a battle rifle. :D
  9. glockman19

    glockman19 Well-Known Member

    For Reliability, durability and accuracy I'd choose my M1A over my AR. Also has better penetration and ability to reach out further.
  10. Hunter0924

    Hunter0924 Well-Known Member

    In .308 caliber would be my Springfield M1A though the
    M1A is not chambered in .308 but a 7.61X51.
  11. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    My M1a would be my choice...I really like mine :D
  12. Max Velocity

    Max Velocity Well-Known Member

  13. MarshallDodge

    MarshallDodge Well-Known Member

    I don't know what the "best quality 308 assault" rifle would be, especially since the only thing I have assaulted is paper and steel;) ,but I will throw in my 2 cents.

    If I were to use iron sights then I would choose a M1A with some match grade features. I wanted a rifle that looked and felt right with a scope so I purchased the DPMS LR-308 and have been very happy with it. It only has a little over 100 rounds through it but has been 100% reliable and very accurate.

    You can read my range report here: LR-308 Range Report


    Most recent 100 yard target:

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2007
  14. GIJoe173rdAbn

    GIJoe173rdAbn New Member

    Arguing Semantics

    OK everyone who wants to get all puffy about terms, an Assault Rifle is defined as a selective fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Hence the Author of this thread was not wrong in using the term ASSAULT RIFLE. Being fully automatic is not a requirement to be labeled as such. Not to mention you knew what he was talking about no need to be a jerk about it. However .308 cal and larger aren't generally considered intermediate rounds, hence they are generally referred to as Battle Rifles. That was just a little FYI. I know what the author meant and I reccomend if you are only planning on buying one I would go with the Sprinfeild M1A mostly because it is an an American firearm that has all around great accuracy and reliability. The U.S. military does not use sub par weaponry. That being said, I collect assault rifles and have been interested in branching into Battle Rifles and I want them all (M1A, HK91, FAL, AR10, etc), but that's just me.
  15. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    More accurate than an AK. Just as reliable as an AK. Tough as nails.
  16. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    do we really need to resurrect a 3 yr old thread to argue about the definition of "assault" again?
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