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Crossbow legal for hunting in your state?

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by PATH, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    Here in New York State only the disabled can use them. AT least that is what I have been told by my buddy who gives the hunting courses locally. Does your state allow this type of hunting?
  2. clown714

    clown714 Well-Known Member

    just became legal this year:)

    b4 it was just for the disabled.

  3. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    Same thing here--disabled only.
  4. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member

    Last I checked the regs (in Georgia) is was for the disabled only.

    (Apparently the disabled have an easier time drawing a 180-250# prod than the physically fit. ;) )
  5. 5ptdeerhunter

    5ptdeerhunter Well-Known Member

    Here in Michigan you can legally hunt with on during the firearms season. But only the disabled can use one during the archery season.
  6. Soap

    Soap Well-Known Member

    PA: Disabled-only last I checked

    IN: They have a late doe season where anyone can use a crossbow.
  7. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

  8. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Indiana used to be disabled only. At the time in undergrad I was selling archery stuff in a sporting goods store.

    Had "disabled" guys look at crossbows and then ask, "well, how the heck am I suppossed to cock it?" "Well, sir, if you buy it today (on the current commissions spiff), I'll cock it for ya and you can load and shoot it on opening day." "But, it's July!" Anything for the customer.:D

    Should have carried some of those windlass, crossbow winder thingies. Maybe some day.
  9. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow New Member

    They are legal here in Ohio during the archery and shotgun season, but during shotgun season wearing hunter orange is required. I prefer my old Bear compound bow, it's much lighter than most crossbows. Take care, Mikey
  10. CAP

    CAP Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge unless changed recently it is illegal in NC to hunt with a xbow. I think it actually requires a permit to purchase, but I'll have to verify that.

    It really does not make sense to me since you can hunt with rifle, shotgun, and bow. How can the xbow be more advantageous?? :confused:
  11. Tamara

    Tamara Senior Member


    I see that they got rid of the 500 ft/lb @ 100 yard requirement for handguns.

    Ironically, this means it is legal to hunt deer with a Beretta Jetfire again in Georgia... :scrutiny:
  12. 2speed

    2speed Active Member

    In NC you must get a permit to purchase a crossbow,and only the disabled can apply for a permit to hunt with one legally.

    S B
    NC Hunter Education Instructor
  13. Cadwallader

    Cadwallader Active Member

    In Wisconsin, only holders of a disability license can use them. Most of the guys I know of that hunt with a crossbow get a little help from a friend or relative - helping them set up and presumably cocking the thing for them - should only need the one bolt if all goes according to plan!

    I think possibly the states that don't allow general use of crossbow during seasons open to most other weapons do so because:
    1) It makes poaching enforcement less impossibly difficult - crossbows are quite popular among the nocturnal hunting set here, especially "Up North" - easy to fire from the window of a building or a car window, nearly as easy to aim as a gun, but of course silent, and there's no drawing motion to spook game.
    2) They want to preserve the illusion that archery seasons are still "primitive" and keep the traditional flavor of the season intact. Just don't think about the electric-sighted, CAD-CAM created, 80% let-off, "no I don't have to actually touch the string, I pull this trigger!" archery devices already in use.
    3) The pope banned them - no wait that was a long time ago.;)
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2003
  14. nualle

    nualle Well-Known Member

    Minnesota: Disabled only here too.
  15. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

    WI x-bow

    CadwalladerÑMy WI friend who is disabled (paralysed L. arm) states that you're correct, there it's certified disabled only, and only during archery season. He adds that X-bows are better than not bowhunting at all, but that if you can manage to draw a regular compound, you're much better off. He holds a nylon tab attached to the string with his teeth, draws a lefthanded bow with his right arm, and releases with his teeth. He was 8th in the state archery tournament last year, no special category for disabled. I guess he has a very good set of teeth. Plus he practices religiously, as should any archer.

    Disadvantages of a x-bow, according to my friend, who began with one when he resumed hunting after his car accident, are 1) hard to cock, 2) short range, and 3) poor penetration. They fire a short, heavy bolt with a short movement of the string (relative to a "regular" bow), so the bolt has small energy for its mass, and starts slowing down quickly. Under 20 yd. they're OK, but why use one unless that's all you can use.

    My friend is active in UFFDA, the United Foundation for Dsabled Archers, and encourages every disabled hunter he sees to join UFFDA, and to use a regular bow if they possibly can.

    BTW, UFFDA is a fine organization, puts on hunts helping disabled hunters get back into the sport they loved, and is deserving of the support of all of us "normal" hunters. They can use volunteer help. Doing so sure helps me put my own little aches and pains and difficulties in proper perspective!
  16. Cadwallader

    Cadwallader Active Member

    Holy cow! Just goes to show you what the human animal is capable of when properly motivated.:)
  17. Bruz

    Bruz Well-Known Member

    In California it appears you can hunt with them, but not during bowhunting season...guess they are considered like rifles...:scrutiny:
  18. swampgator

    swampgator Well-Known Member


    Disabled can use during Archery Season. (Requires permit, and must be certified 100% disabled by either Social Security or VA).

    Legal during General Gun season.
  19. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

    Virginia is disabled only as well. The only crossbow I have seen was cocked with a small winch that you carried seperatly. It wasn't hard at all, nor was it quick.

    On the thread drift topic, Virginia only requires 350 Ft Lb at the muzzle for handgun hunting. No Jetfires, but in theroy a snub nose 38 special could be legal, as I think they use the ammo manufactuers rating.
  20. Joe Demko

    Joe Demko Well-Known Member

    PA- disabled may use them state-wide. In one small area around Philadelphia (which is also shotgun-only during firearms season) they are legal with the proper stamp.

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