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Cruel prank or sick humor?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Owen Sparks, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Owen Sparks

    Owen Sparks member

    I have a buddy who is a shooting enthusiast and so is his much larger brother. The brother is one of those mechanically minded people who like to take things apart and put them back together. One evening the brother dissembled his Ruger Super Red Hawk right down to each individual piece and had it spread out on his work bench. My buddy was visiting and after a few beers he decided it would be funny to take the spring out of a ball point pen and add it to the mix of parts. His plan was to let his brother worry with trying to figure out where it went and then tell him the next morning.

    He forgot to tell him.

    It was about two weeks later that the brother mentioned that he finally got his Red Hawk put back together. He evidently found some place to put that extra spring. My buddy was scared to tell him that it was a prank after all that time. The Super Red Hawk works just fine with that extra spring and since it is not used as a self defense gun he decided not to say anything about it. I would tell the brother about it myself only I don't want to get my buddy put in the hospital!
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  2. General Geoff

    General Geoff Well-Known Member

    Well as long as the owner of the gun knows that extra spring is in there, and was in fact the one who initiated the prank in the first place, I see no wrongdoing, just harmless fun. If the gun malfunctions, it's entirely on his head.
  3. Dnaltrop

    Dnaltrop Well-Known Member

    You dance the dance, You pay the piper.

    He had his fun, now it's time to make it right.
  4. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

    I say if he was savy enough to re-assemble the gun, this was easily recognized for what it was and now he's the one having fun with the prank.

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    I agree, if the guy is that mechanically-inclined, he would know pretty soon upon assemblage that the spring somehow ended up in his parts. I would know, myself it I stripped any of my guns down to every piece which piece does not belong to the gun.

    Look at any schematic of parts and you can see right away that the extra spring is not part of the gun.

    I think your friend should have another beer (or two, or three). I also think he should get himself a life.:D
  6. quatin

    quatin Well-Known Member

    That's a sick joke, but harmless. I doubt he could put the spring in anywhere that could cause a catastrophic failure.

    Cruel is this one time when my buddy and I went on a deer hunt. While we were cleaning the deer he decided to go #2 out in the woods. 15 minutes passed and I went to find him asleep on a log. I took the deer guts and put it next to him to make him think he evacuated his entire bowel. Half hour later, he came back and told me something got lose, but he got it back in with a stick.
  7. dawico

    dawico Well-Known Member

    Owen Sparks, that is funny!

    quatin, that is an old joke.
  8. Owen Sparks

    Owen Sparks member

    I am thinking about borrowing the Super Red Hawk and fixing it myself. The brother will never know and he does not need to.

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    I don't get where you come up with "...and was in fact the one who initiated the prank in the first place...."
  10. The-Reaver

    The-Reaver Well-Known Member

    It sounds like a really really funny joke... untill the forgeting part. He should give him a heads up. the most that will happen is he'll know right where it is and yank it out.
  11. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    I have the spring from a ball point pen in one of my AR's... but it's because it's a perfectly working replacement for the buffer retainer spring that launched across the room. Never have gotten around to replacing it with a "real one".
  12. General Geoff

    General Geoff Well-Known Member

    I misread the OP. It's very confusing to know who did what because of the lack of names. "He" could refer to either person.
  13. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    I would be a little ticked if it happened to me but that's pretty darn funny!
  14. beeenbag

    beeenbag Well-Known Member

    Ha thats funny, I just replaced a buffer retainer that took flight on me. It and the spring shot out, I found the spring, never found the retainer. Gave numrich $6.50 for a $1.50 part after the shipping.
  15. Magoo

    Magoo Well-Known Member

    This one rang a bit too close to home for me :eek:.

    I was working on my first 10/22 some time ago. Upon reassembly, I had a mysterious spring left over. I'd been meticulous, had all of the diagrams at hand, and everything was functioning properly. But I still had this one spring "left over". I was really confused and upset with myself. So, on to the internet for a rescue from the 10/22 gurus over at RFC. I posted really tight specs on the spring (length, diameter, coils per inch, etc) and waited for them to tell me where I screwed up...

    A few posts in, someone says "Hey, that sounds and awful lot like the spring in a ball point pen." Then I remembered. I'd busted up a pen to dye the epoxy I used to bed the action. Apparently I didn't keep good track of the shrapnel and its spring ended up as the "extra" part :banghead:.
  16. BADUNAME37

    BADUNAME37 Well-Known Member

    I hear you.
    I read articles in the paper and I have to keep going back up and see when this person and when that person were introduced into the article as I lose track of who is who, which basically ruins the entire article, if I cannot figure out just what took place!

    LOL, maybe, too, it is part of growing old.

    I need to LOL!
  17. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    I literally LOLed, and that doesn't happen often enough.

    Owen, you are truly a good man for wanting to get ahold of that revolver and make sure there are no extra parts lurking within. And I hope you do exactly that.
  18. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of rebuilding motors and having "extra" bolts afterwards, haha.
  19. Apocalypse-Now

    Apocalypse-Now Well-Known Member

  20. tyeo098

    tyeo098 Well-Known Member

    Or maybe this person figured it out, and told the OP's friend otherwise to make him sweat :D
    You think thats bad? Try taking apart 2 AR-15's next to eachother (my friend and I were cleaning after a range session.) Man was that confusing.

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