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Custom gun racks for gun room

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by packpike, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. packpike

    packpike Well-Known Member

    I'm in the Charleston, SC area and need gun racks for the gun room that I'm setting up. I've reached out to the guys at gun-racks.com, but they're in CA so I think shipping is going to be harsh. Does anyone know of anyone closer to my part of the country that does similar work? I've searched but no luck so far. I'm looking to put in a 6'x7'x6' U shape vertical rifle rack, a column of handgun storage racks and a column of standard storage shelves. These will be sitting on the floor. Hanging wall rifle racks aren't an option as the walls are angled after 4 or so feet up. I've read advice from previous posts about going to a custom cabinet maker and I'll look into that if needed, but I would like to find someone with gun rack experience as this will be my first custom build.
  2. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    Racks are a fine idea for display of firearms but a very poor idea when security is taken into consideration. In the average home, no room is or can be made really secure (safe type doors are useless if an intruder can simply break through a wall). A good safe, at least for handguns, might be a better approach.

  3. whughett

    whughett Well-Known Member

    Sad but true. Buy the largest best safe you can afford. Lived in this house 43 years without a break in but last year came home and surprised an intruder. We chased him off and the police nabbed his ass. Homeowners Insurance Companies aren't big on coverage with out a hefty premium.
  4. packpike

    packpike Well-Known Member

    Guys, I understand and appreciate your concern. I fully understand the risks associated with what I'm asking, so let's keep the posts related to custom gun racks and we can discuss the topic of a gun room in another thread. Thanks.
  5. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Well-Known Member

    I don't believe a gun rack is so specialized in nature as to present a challenge for a competent trim carpenter; in fact, it is likely that a trim carpenter may be a shooter/sporstman himself and has already given this a lot of thought. The challenge is coming up with a design that is both efficient and consistent with the decor of the room. If you Google "gun rack" and then click "Images," you'll see hundreds of ideas, most of which I bet will not suit your needs. But they're ideas for storage nonetheless, and maybe can be adapted to your room. Most of these store-bought racks I find very clumsy looking and inefficient, by the way.

    When I designed the racks for my room, I first visited the NRA's National Fireams Museum in Washington, D.C. I figured they, if anybody, should know how to display a firearm---and I was right. I came away from there with plenty of ideas that I put on paper and adapted to my room. One of the most versatile was the idea of anodized (or painted, as you prefer)"C" channel, 3/4" X 1/2", which is mounted vertically on the wall. 1/4"-20 threaded screws slide inside the channel, permitting rapid adjustment to accomodate any size or shape of firearm. This aluminum track is available on Ebay in various lengths, but you're on your own to design and make the chocks to hold the firearm---again, I stole a lot of ideas from the Museum, Internet, and various sporting goods shops.

    You might also consider visiting Tap Plastic's website to peruse the use of Plexiglas and other acrylics. They have some excellent tutorials on how to bend and join acrylics, and it may appeal to your creative side.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
  6. Torian

    Torian Well-Known Member

  7. 250-3000

    250-3000 Well-Known Member

    I modified the CMP M1 rack from here: http://www.thecmp.org/Sales/askarmorerrifleracks.htm
    Shortened it up to about 34" tall (all my rifles are shorter than my M1) and made the base 14" from front to back for scope clearance. Use it in my gun room for guns we are actively shooting, and it sits next to my safe so I can use it when unloading the safe to get to the ones in the back. Easy to build from dimension lumber and plywood, finish to suit.
  8. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

    you just could have put another scalloped upper piece down a bit lower to accomodate the shorter rifles
  9. el indio

    el indio Well-Known Member

    Hey packpike,My brother-in-law lives in Virginia and had his own millwork company. He sold it and now works free lance. PM your e-mail address and phone number and I'll tell him about you. By the way, I live in Lexington SC.
  10. wally247

    wally247 Well-Known Member

    A little late, but I would also recommend a reputable finish carpenter or cabinet maker. Chances are they have built some kind of gun cabinet if they've been doing wood work for a while.

    My grandfather has been doing carpenter work for 50+ years. He was never into guns but for each grandsons high school graduation built us a beautiful solid oak 10 gun display cabinet.


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