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Custom headstamps?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by tenbase, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. tenbase

    tenbase Well-Known Member

    Does anyone here do, or know someone who can do custom headstamps without a huge minimum order?

    I'm thinking some personalized or promotional brass would be really cool. Heck, maybe some HIGH ROAD .45 AUTO :)

    Just a thought after having one or five too many beers. Thanks.
  2. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

    Minimum order

    Tenbase--If you pay 'em enough, I'm sure they'll set up the machinery and custom headstamp just ONE, if that's what you want, and you have bo-koo bucks burning a hole in your jeans. That would be one expensive case, though.

    I recall seeing a feature in one of the many gun publications, which showcased one of the brass companies that does custom headstamping for various sellers of brass. And I've run across "Midway .45ACP" headstamps, although Midway doesn't manufacture ammo AFAIK. Anyhow, the brass company had a minimum order of 10,000 pieces for a custom headstamp, and this seems reasonable, to keep the cost of the work per piece down, for both manufacturer and customer.

    The one problem is, I can't remember for the life of me where I read the article, nor the name of the brass company. But the service is there if you want to seek it out.

    Me, I'd save the $$, buy some nice regular brass, and use the leftover dollars to buy another gun, and more reloading components. And some chipotle salsa and tortilla chips to go with yr beer.
  3. highlander 5

    highlander 5 Well-Known Member

    There was a company that would make brass with your headstamp on the brass,there was a fee to make the the die for the headstamp $200 I think but I'm not sure if the Co. is still in business. They made mostly BP case IIRC and I can't remember their name,DAMN IT
  4. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    Starline will make brass with custom headstamps.
    They want quite a large order though.
  5. tenbase

    tenbase Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Starline wants a 100K piece order from what I recall. I'll contact them Monday and see what's what. 10K might be doable but still more than what I'd "need".

    Thanks for all the input so far, I think the chipotle salsa and chips are winning the thread so far though :D

    hmm...."Guinness .45 Extra Stout"?
  6. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

  7. CMcDermott

    CMcDermott Well-Known Member

    The second incarnation of Bell brass (Bell/Mast?) would make basic cylindrical cartridge cases without any headstamp; and sell you the basic cases and headstamp dies to allow you to mark whatever and how ever many cases as you wanted, then you ran the cases into the cartridge forming dies to finish off the cartridge cases.
    I believe Jamison's now has the Bell machinery, and I don't think that they are providing this service any longer. You might try Quality Cartridge and see what they are willing to do.
  8. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    Federal will make custom headstamp brass, I don't know what the minimum is though.

    Back in the early 80s, Elgin Gates ordered 7mm IHMSA brass with 7mm IHMSA and a ram silhouette headstamp and sold them through the organization. I still have a few hundred of them.
  9. raven5

    raven5 New Member

    Rocky Mountain Cartridge will do it. Their brass isn't cheap as it is machined in a CNC machine. However, with specs they can make ANY brass. Nice option for obsolete cases. A little pricey:what: , and I'm not sure what the custom headstamp option runs. Give them a call.

  10. tenbase

    tenbase Well-Known Member

    Thanks all, appreciate the info. Sounds like I might need to cash in my beer pitcher o' change :)
  11. Peter M. Eick

    Peter M. Eick Well-Known Member

    Over on the S&W site we (as in us collector's, but I was not the instegator) tried to get starline to make some 38/44 headstamped 38 special brass with a large pistol primer. We needed 50,000 piece order. They made the headstamp up but in the end, the higher price for the brass caused a bunch of less dedicated folks to back out and the rest of us could not cough up the money to buy more. In then end I was in for 5,000 pieces and looking at going to 7,000 but still it did not come togther.

    I felt bad about it. If I win the lottery, this would be one of the little side hobbys I would try and do is recreate some of the older brass and headstamps for the reloaders.

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