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Cva 1858 rem nipple needed

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by joeb33050, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. joeb33050

    joeb33050 New Member

    I need a nipple for this CVA 44 cal revolver, and I can't find which one to order from track of the wolf or dixie or ?
    The nipple threads are .210", thread length .190" anf nipple length is .475".
    Would someone tell me what to buy?
    joe b.
  2. mykeal

    mykeal New Member

    Your spec is incomplete.

    You need to check the thread pitch, although with a major diameter of .210 the only standard pitch that fits would be 28 threads per inch. A 12x28 UNF thread, which is the common standard that's closest to your.210, has a major diameter of .216".

    Overall length and thread length are not terribly important in nipple design, but cone height is. Cone height is the distance from the tip of the cone to the nipple bearing surface, or the surface that contacts the cylinder when screwed in place. Unfortunately that's rarely specified. Using your .475" overall length I'm going to guess that TotW's PCC-A, PCC-I or PCC-S are the best bets to fit your application; they're .501" overall (at least they were the last time I measured any).

    But, your best bet is to call TotW and ask them. Get your thread pitch and cone height first so you can tell them exactly what you need. And be prepared to compromise.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  3. unknwn

    unknwn New Member

    If you expect your revolver to operate reliably you really should buy a set of six.
    If you luck out and get nipples that exactly match your others, than you have five spares.
    Otherwise you can expect to go 'round-robin after purchasing that single and can only just hope that your impending modifications allow you to produce an exact replacement. Besides the problems of getting one to match your specs. you also have the inevitable wear affecting cap fitment and such.
    Just a suggestion because I'd suspect that you would like to fire your gun without problems once you've completed it's nipple arrangement.
  4. zimmerstutzen

    zimmerstutzen New Member

    Many of the CVA revolvers were made by Armi San MArco and I would expect a metric thread, not an English thread.

    Normally but not always there is a manufacturer name or stamp somewhere identifying the maker.
  5. mykeal

    mykeal New Member

    There is a so-called metric thread with specs very close to 12x28. It's called M5.5x.9mm. It's not a standard thread in any recognized thread specification, but it's often found in place of a 12x28 in inexpensive foreign applications. A 12x28 will work in place of a M5.5x.9mm and vice versa, except in places where the thread shapes are important.

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