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CVA Stalker rifle and customer service

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by John Wayne, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. John Wayne

    John Wayne Senior Member

    Dec 11, 2007
    I purchased a CVA Stalker rifle in .223 Remington recently. The rifle is single-shot, break-open type design and has a 24" stainless bull barrel. For the price, I thought the gun would make an inexpensive, low-recoil, low-noise plinker; that was and is my only intended use for the gun.

    Well, once I got it to the range I noticed that the scope mount holes were drilled off-center. Further inspection revealed a machining mark on the muzzle crown. Upon trying live ammunition in the gun's chamber for the first time, I noticed that the extractor does not do anything at all. I would greatly prefer to have an ejector on this type of rifle, as it makes it much faster to reload, especially with the small .223 cartridge. The extractor on my particular rifle did not pull the case out of the chamber AT ALL, so every time you wanted to put in a new cartridge, you'd have to dig the tiny .223 case out by the rim with your fingernails. All that adds up to making what should have been a fun gun to shoot a major annoyance.

    Due to the defects, I returned the rifle to CVA. I'd heard good things about their service, and the representatives I spoke to on the phone have been very courteous. However, I'm still out $20 for having to ship the barrel back to them, and I am looking at a 4+ week wait just to have a replacement barrel sent back to me, to fix their mistake.

    I called today to check on the status of the barrel, and was told that someone would probably LOOK at it in about week. I understand that actual repairs take a long time, but honestly it would take them all of 30 seconds to look at my barrel and make the decison to send out a new one. IMO there is no reason not to do these quick repairs first. Kind of like going to a restaurant and waiting 45 minutes for your BLT sandwich, just because the guy in front of you ordered a steak and they make sure his order is delivered before even starting on yours (yes, I actually had that happen too).

    In the mean time, I was wondering if any of you guys had any experience with this particular rifle and could comment on how you liked or disliked it. Specifically wondering about what kind of accuracy to expect, and any factory defects you have encountered. Thanks!
  2. AdamSean

    AdamSean Member

    Oct 11, 2007
    Wow...that doesn't sound fun. I just bought this rifle in .270 Win. Hopefully you just got a bad apple. I am looking forward to using this for target as well as some deer hunting.
  3. John Wayne

    John Wayne Senior Member

    Dec 11, 2007
    As an update--

    I got the rifle back last week. All said and done, I was out about $20 in shipping and a 3 month wait time. The impression I got from their customer service department was less than professional, or at least not organized. Here's a summary of what happened:

    -I bought the rifle, found that it was defective.

    -I called CVA customer service, and was told to ship only the barrel, at my expense.

    -While waiting on a response, my reciever began to rust. It was an oiled SS reciever sitting in the same room with several blued guns that showed no signs of rust, even after being in there for years.

    -About 6 weeks after shipping the barrel, CS called and told me that I should have sent the reciever too (which I would have done, if they had told me to in the first place). The guy who called did not introduce himself or in any way identify himself with CVA.

    -The guy who told me to send in the reciever initially asked me if I'd sent in a blued 22" Thompson Center barrel in .243. My barrel had my name taped to it and was SS, 24", CVA, and .223. He simply emailed me a shipping label with no instructions, expecting me to send in a serialed reciever (with no RA number) to a place that had already confused me with someone else.

    -Given the fact that they confused me with someone else, I was reluctant to send in my reciever too. Couldn't get a hold of anyone that sounded like they had a clue what was going on, but I sent it in anyway. I figured that since my rifle was the cheapest gun they make, whatever I got back would be at least as valuable.

    -Approximately 3 months later CVA returned my rifle to me, with a new barrel that appears to be free of defects.

    CVA would be well-advised to implement a return authorization number program so they can keep orders straight.
  4. Mountainman38

    Mountainman38 New Member

    May 5, 2010
    Sounds like a real pain. Glad you got your rifle back, and things seem to be in order.

    I'd be interested to hear how the gun performs now.
  5. _Scooter_

    _Scooter_ New Member

    Aug 31, 2011
    My 30-.06 version of the Elite Stalker broke after about 150 rounds... The weld that holds the forend screw onto the barrel broke clean in half. I just sent it back to them, UPS ground at my expense and called to make sure it was received.

    The CS representative on the phone told me that they do NOT confirm whether or not the firearm was received, but told me it will take about three weeks to repair and return. So, my next question to them was whether or not they would contact me when the gun was shipped back to me so I could track it... nope. They said call them in four weeks and ask for the tracking number, if they have it they'd give it to me. Not impressed at all with this purchase so far- except that the rifle was shooting pretty well out to 400yds. before it broke.

    You know, the other thing that really bunched my boxers was the fact that the gun had NO way to attach a Bipod... forcing me to drill the forend and install a stud/retainer nut. Just a vent.

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