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Cylinder ball problem

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Smokepole14, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Smokepole14

    Smokepole14 Well-Known Member

    Ok guys I need some help on the right size ball to use. On my 62 colt police by uberti. I'm using .375 balls and after I seat the ball firmly on the powder they creep alot in the cylinder. Actually once I seated the balls one just fell out of the cylinder. There is a tiny bit of lead shaved just on one side of the chamber. Will .380 balls fix this or do I need a new cylinder?
  2. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    It's fairly well known that most of the Uberti .36's need .380 balls.
    It's the Pietta's that use the .375's.
    That does make the Uberti's a little more problematic to buy ammo for.
  3. Skinny 1950

    Skinny 1950 Well-Known Member

    Are you buying the balls or casting??
  4. Smokepole14

    Smokepole14 Well-Known Member

    I bought them. There hornady .375 where's a good place to buy .380 balls? I'm not in the whole casting process yet.
  5. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

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  6. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

    well, that explains why even hollow based .38's aren't all that accurate in my Kirst converted Uberti Remington.
  7. Curator

    Curator Well-Known Member

    Actually the bore size on both the Pietta and Uberti .36s made in the past 10 years is very similar (.375-.377) But most of the Piettas have chamber sizes of .367 to .372. The chambers on Uberti .36s I have measured over the past few years are closer to bore size (.374-.376"), even a tiny bit over depending on the gun. If you want good accuracy from a cap & ball revolver, it is more likely if the chamber is slightly larger than groove diameter and you load a ball that is .004-.006" larger than the chamber size. .380 round balls will give better accuracy in most .36 revolvers regardless as well as help to prevent chain-fires.
  8. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    .380s if you can find them are your best bet, as stated above.

    An alternative when it is available is 0000 buckshot, which mikes .380 to .382:


    Buckshot is not pure lead so it takes a bit more pressure to seat in the chamber, but I have used it for years in my 1851s using just the rammer on the gun. I do not remove the cylinders for loading. And the price is attractive...you get close to 800 balls for about $40.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
  9. robert garner

    robert garner Well-Known Member

    or you can put a watch for .385 mold on evil-bay , I won't feed my 36's anything else.
  10. Smokepole14

    Smokepole14 Well-Known Member

    Preciate the help guys! I'll order up some .380 balls today. I know the sprue goes up, but does it hurt accuracy any?
  11. rodwha

    rodwha Well-Known Member

  12. Hellgate

    Hellgate Well-Known Member

    LEE sells a nice 2 cavity .380 mold. For not too frequent shooting it will serve you for many years. For serious shooting you can either get a 6 cavity .380 gang mold from biglube.com (around $80) or from buckshotmold.com a 0000 buckshot mold (around $40) that will throw 10 balls at once. No sprue cutter on that one but cast very economical balls that have a slight flat diameter ring on them but for most plinking and CAS matches they are plenty good ammo.
  13. swathdiver

    swathdiver Well-Known Member

    My ASM's chambers are .374 and obviously doesn't shave a ring with .375s. The .380s (TOTW) shave a nice ring.

    http://gadcustomcartridges.com/ - These fellas charge $6 per 100.
  14. Bluehawk

    Bluehawk Well-Known Member

    How about the .44's...Uberti vs Pietta? Size difference needed?
  15. swathdiver

    swathdiver Well-Known Member

    My latest Pietta's have .448 chambers so .454 balls would be undersized. Ideally, the chambers should be .452 and use .457s for best accuracy.
  16. Bluehawk

    Bluehawk Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if I follow...
    .454 - .448 = .006" how does that make yours undersized? (the chamber is .006" smaller than the ball)
  17. swathdiver

    swathdiver Well-Known Member

    When you squish that .454 into a .448 chamber it becomes a .448 ball. Then you pull the trigger and that .448 ball goes through a .451 barrel...
  18. Hellgate

    Hellgate Well-Known Member

    Reaming the chambers out to .450 will increase accuracy and you can still use .454 balls.

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