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Cylinder length on Webley Mk V .455

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by uabfan, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. uabfan

    uabfan New Member

    Anybody have a Webley in .455 that they can measure the length of the cylinder on? Trying to figure out if mine is stock or has been milled down to accept .45acp on moonclips.

    My cylinder measures 1.445 +/- .001 to .002 in spots.

    Gratuitous pic attached:D

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  2. Ailog

    Ailog New Member

    I have a book on the MK VI with technical details including a review of the changes up thru the various marks. There were no cylinder changes between the Mk V and the Mk VI so the cylinder dimensions are the same. Face to face is 1.5 inches even according to drawings (appear to be drawings done by Webley). There also may have been original stampings on the rear face of the cylinder before any cutting. Also, the cylinder edge on the rear should be rounded some and not a square cut. Hope this helps.
  3. R. W. Simms

    R. W. Simms New Member

    My un-altered .455 Webley Mk VI has a cylinder length of exactly 1.5 inches. I also have one that's been cut for .45 ACP and the cylinder length on it is 1.449 inches. Since the cylinder length on the Mk V and Mk VI guns is nominally the same it would appear that your gun has been altered to accept .45 ACP rounds.

  4. deadin

    deadin Active Member

    Simple check.. Get a moon clip of .45 ACP or a 45AR and see if the cylinder will close with them in it. If it will, it's been milled. :D

  5. uabfan

    uabfan New Member

    Thanks guys.

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