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CZ-75 / CZ-85 Laser Mount Question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by DrDyno, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. DrDyno

    DrDyno Active Member

    Hi All,

    A close friend has a CZ-85. Really nice gun. As you CZ-guys probably know, the CZ-85 is a CZ-75 with an ambidextrous safety.

    The only laser he has found for a CZ is a Crimson Trace grip laser. The problem is the Crimson Trace can not be used on the CZ-85 because of the additional safety on the right side of the gun. Beamshot makes a trigger guard laser mount which he really doesn't want.

    Here's my question: Can the CZ-85's right side safety button be removed? Or, can the safety parts from a CZ-75 be used on the CZ-85 so my friend can use the Crimson Trace grips?

    Every time my friend sees my laser-equipped G-31C he goes back to the internet but finds nothing other than the beamshot mount.

    Thanks in advance,

    St. Petersburg, FL
  2. Ricebrnr

    Ricebrnr Well-Known Member

    Yes you can have the right side safety removed and the hole plugged. CZ's custom shop will do it for you. See this thread

    See if clarkston_cz might answer some more questions for you.

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