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CZ 75B Safety to De-cocker Conversion

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ben86, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I recently bought a cz75b, with the omega trigger, and I would like to convert the safety to a de-cocker. Can this be done, and what will it take? I would have got the 75bd version to start with, but I got a sweet deal on this one used. It was practically NIB for $449.

    I thought I'd get comfortable with de-cocking the gun manually, but after about a week I am not, so I'd love to put a de-cocker on this thing.

    If anyone knows how it is done I would appreciate your help.
  2. JDGray

    JDGray Well-Known Member

  3. Babarsac

    Babarsac Well-Known Member

    According to CZ Custom you can't.

    From their FAQ

  4. gb6491

    gb6491 Well-Known Member

    You need the decocking levers, decocking lever spring, and decocking lever spring pin.

    The OP has the Omega trigger; it's a whole different ball game in regards to converting between decocker and safety.

  5. Babarsac

    Babarsac Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I just picked up my CZ-75 from the fun-store and will have to check which type of trigger it has.
  6. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I called the custom shop and they said they can only do it on the p07 models. :(

    Being the stubborn cuss that I am I'm still going to ask various custom shops until I get a consensus no answer. I don't see why it can't operate on a pin in the same area as the safety pin.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
  7. gb6491

    gb6491 Well-Known Member

  8. ckone

    ckone Well-Known Member

    Just try to trade it for a "BD" model, you'll probably find lots of takers as usually it's the other way around, guys wanting the non-decocker version to get the better trigger and C&L'd option for games (I've heard that since they're a bit more complicated the decocker versions aren't quite as easy to perform trigger jobs on, could be different with the omegas, not sure).
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
  9. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    I think I might just keep it as is. Now that I realized it is safer to de-cock it to half-cock instead of full (and quite unnecessary to de-cock it fully) its growing on me.

    I would use it single action with the safety, but I'm really not into safeties (glock ruined me).

    So I don't have a fancy de-cocker lever, oh well. ;) It's still one of the best guns I've ever bought.
  10. Trebor

    Trebor Well-Known Member

    Funny, I asked the same question on Rec.guns back in '98 or so...

    I wound up leaving my 75 B "as is" and got used to it pretty quick.

    Just funny to see someone else asking the same question.
  11. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    It does seem to be a pretty common question. :eek:
  12. Teppo Oni

    Teppo Oni Active Member

    CZ75B convert to CZ75BD
    i want to convert a stainless CZ75B to a decocker only
    i hate guns with a safety
    has anyone tried it and will the parts fit?
    looks like i need
    parts number 11,17,60,61,62,63 and maybe 10
    11 sear
    17 disconnector
    60 decocking lever controller
    61 decocking lever
    62 decocking lever spring
    63 fixing insert
    10 ejector

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