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CZ 75B Semicompact

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Muncus Agruncus, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Muncus Agruncus

    Muncus Agruncus Well-Known Member

    Found a NIB 75B SemiCompact for $375 OTD. Like a fool, I have sold off my CZ handguns and now want to fill in the void. I know nothing about this model, nor can I find anything on the cz- czechs webapge.

    What is the consensous on this model? I can't find the the 75B regular or compacr for less- NIB so I hope to pounce on this deal before is disapears!
  2. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Get it now. The semi-compact, if the real thing, was never a stocked item for CZ-USA. I have heard of a few floating around, but not many.
  3. Newguy1

    Newguy1 Well-Known Member

    I have one. I paid 400 OTD and I feel like I got a great deal. It shoots like a dream, and I haven't had any issues with it at all.

    I would by another if I ran accross one for the same price.
  4. 1 old 0311

    1 old 0311 member

    It uses the short slide, and 75 frame. Pretty rare.
  5. DirksterG30

    DirksterG30 Well-Known Member

  6. Cliff47

    Cliff47 Well-Known Member

    With the full-size frame and magazine capacity, and the short slide, it could be considered CZ's equivalent of the .38 snub-nose revolver, but with more firepower. I have one in a two-tone finish, nice pistol.

    Conversely, if you mate the full-size slide with the compact frame, you have something that bears a striking resemblance to the Browning/FN Hi-Power.

    Think of it as CZechnologically advanced.
  7. Gary G23

    Gary G23 Well-Known Member

  8. Cliff47

    Cliff47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gary,

    I was in the market for a CZ75 Compact, and the best my local purveyor of fine (read: CZ) firearms can quote me is $459 for the polycoat, and $479 for the gloss. I will have to CZech out the Kentucky operation.
  9. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member


    i love mine: :) GOt it for $350, NIB, out the door.
  10. mbott

    mbott Well-Known Member

    Very nice addition.

  11. Cliff47

    Cliff47 Well-Known Member

    You notice that the slide is marked 'CZ75 Semicompact', yet has the firing-pin block in the cocking serrations. To my mind, this should be a 'CZ75B Semicompact'. Maybe they ran out of space on the slide. Who knows, but I will enjoy mine.

    The Semi-Compact has not been in the last couple of CZ-USA catalogs, but I understand that some have been available through a distributor named Jerry's. The boxes were marked on the label as a 'Jerry's Special' at one time.

    It makes an interesting addition to a CZ75 collection, yes?
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2007
  12. STW

    STW Well-Known Member

    I enjoy mine too. $350 a year ago.

    Amusing how mentioning a less common item on this list brings owners out of the wood work, making the uncommon seem very common. :D
  13. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

    That's how mine is marked.
  14. Muncus Agruncus

    Muncus Agruncus Well-Known Member

    Well I will buy it then. It is out of state thus I will go through the usual process to obtain it. CARPE DIEM!

    Mr.Trooper- your pictures are great! Thanks to all those of you who replied. More responses are encouraging.
  15. mbott

    mbott Well-Known Member

    It is not unusual for CZs not being roll marked with the "B" for the firing pin block: the CZ 75 P-01, CZ 75 Compact, CZ 75 D PCR, CZ 75 Compact .40, CZ 75 SP-01, etc, etc, etc.


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