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CZ 97B suitable for Limited-10???

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by 8200rpm, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. 8200rpm

    8200rpm Well-Known Member

    For someone with no ISPC or IDPA experience...

    Is a CZ 97B a good choice for Limited-10 or would a basic single stack 1911 with 10 rd. mags be the way to go???

    A basic 1911 (fixed sights, no mag well) is already in my inventory. I may be able to borrow a holster, 10 round mags, and mag pouches for the time being.

    I guess I just need an excuse to buy a CZ 97B. The double column mags and a low starter price seems awfully attractive. :D
  2. Alex45ACP

    Alex45ACP Well-Known Member


    HSMITH Well-Known Member

    In L10 the 1911 is probably the most popular overall, about 10-1 above everything else at the matches around here.

    I am sure a 97 would be capable but wonder about the availability of magwells, fiber optic sights, grips, things like that. The 1911 has anything and everything you could ever want available.
  4. oct_97

    oct_97 Well-Known Member

    In IDPA the .45 caliber is a "Custom Defensive Pistol" with a maximum of eight rounds allowed in the magazine plus one in the barrel. You can use 10 round magazines but must load only 8+1 for the first mag and 8 thereafter.
  5. eclipse1

    eclipse1 Well-Known Member

    singel stack is the way to go for L10
  6. cadfael

    cadfael Well-Known Member

    One disadvantage is that the mags may not be drop-free, which definitely put's a hitch in your reloads.

  7. kngflp

    kngflp Well-Known Member

    Put in a drop free mag break and go to town, the CZ 97 is the softest shooting .45 I have ever shot, follow up shots are quite easy. Some would say that the extra weight of the gun could also cause you to overswing targets. I had hogue wraparound grips on mine which are quite comfy but have gone back to the factory grips for no real reason. Customs rigs are available in kydex and leather. I have a Don Hume JIT slide for a Ruger that works well for $22.00. You don't really need a huge mag well either because it is a double stack mag and slides in easily.
  8. Morgan

    Morgan Well-Known Member

    Single stack is NOT the way to go for L10, if you're in it to win.

    The most competetive L10 guns are STI/SVI Limited guns, downloaded to 10 rds.

    That said, L10 is a great place to have fun with whatever gun you have that's over 9mm and doesn't hold 18 rounds or more.

    I shoot my duty USP45 and do fine. A CZ would be pretty cool - or an HK, or a single stack...

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