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CZ52 Dry firing

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by PAC 762, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. PAC 762

    PAC 762 Well-Known Member

    I recently purchased a CZ52 and heard that you should avoid dry firing, as the firing pins tend to break. Well, I tried chambering a Traditions brand 9mm snap cap and it fully chambered and extracted fine. Do you think it's safe to dry fire on this?
  2. m39fan

    m39fan Well-Known Member

    You'd be better off just replacing the firing pin. It's not hard to do and you can find the pins on eBay cheap. Better to eliminate the weak spot and never have to wonder if it's going to go bang or not (or worse yet, slamfire :eek: ).

    Hope this helps,
  3. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Buy a new firing pin. The priginals tend to brittle, and will break, especially with extended dry firing. Then go burn a case of 7.62x25!
  4. Clean97GTI

    Clean97GTI Well-Known Member

    Makarov.com usually has CZ52 firing pins. Get a new one and just remember to use a snap cap if you must dry fire.

    I'd prefer to shoot real ammo if I'm going to inflict wear on a gun.
  5. sigma 40ve

    sigma 40ve Well-Known Member

    Get some spares off of ebay. I got 4 there for a real good price a few months ago from someone who had quite a few spare parts for sale. I got an extra barrel, and some rollers too.

    Shoot the thing and enjoy it. It's always fun to see peoples faces in the lanes next to you when you start firing a CZ52.. I have put several people in the "got to have one" mode after I have let them shoot a clip out of one of mine.

    It makes it nice too, when you work about 5 minutes from AIM like I do as far as being able to pick up a CZ or the ammo.

    I have put Hogue Handall"s on the 2 that I own.
  6. PAC 762

    PAC 762 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I was planning to replace the firing pin, but was hoping I didn't have to do it immediately.
  7. Reed1911

    Reed1911 Well-Known Member

    And yet the myth continues.....

    I've never had one break from dry firing, I've never had a customer have one break from dry firing, in fact, the only person I know that ever had one break, didn't really break, it locked up and bent due to an overloaded cartridge that flowed primer back into the FP hole. Before you ask, this is over the span of about 250-300 CZ-52's. Now if it makes you feel better to buy a new one, great! But please stop spreading rumors that people have typed on the internet. It's just like the dang prick marks on the top of the slide. And for point of reference, no the prick marks have nothing to do with the quality of that pistol.

    Let the angry responses begin.....
  8. PAC 762

    PAC 762 Well-Known Member

  9. 308win

    308win Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Snap Caps

    Has anyone ever made their own? How would a case with hot glue in lieu of a primer in the primer pocket work? And yes, sometimes I have been accused of being cheap, especially when gun shops want $7-9 for a snap cap. :cuss:
  10. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    they're fine to dry fire with a snap cap.

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