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CZ75 variant questions

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tuj, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. tuj

    tuj Well-Known Member

    Hi fellow shooters!

    First I was looking at the CZ75 SP-01 Shadow. Then I was looking at the CZ75 P-01. Now I'm looking at the CZ75 P-07 DUTY. (looking at the 9mm versions of all)

    -the P-07 supposedly has an improved trigger pull. How much better is it than the SP-01 or P-01?

    -the P-07 has a polymer frame, how well does it soak up recoil? This gun is intended for HD so I want my wife to be able to shoot it well and she is fairly sensitive to recoil, but can handle +p loads in our all-steel S&W 5906.

    -how heavy is the DA pull on each of these models and can it be reduced *reliably*? I don't want to have to use the more sensitive Federal primers or anything like that; I want the gun to eat whatever I feed it.

    -some of the detailed reviews of the P-01 said that the internals of the pistol were not that well-machined and that the trigger was gritty even in SA. How do the triggers feel to you guys? Have you noticed any poor machining internally?

    -how are the sights on these pistols? I've heard that they are not the most visible, especially the P-01. Any good aftermarket recommendations?

    -between the three variants, which would you pick and why?

    -obviously I want to locate some examples to try out, but if I can't do that, how well do these pistols fit smaller hands? How long is the trigger reach in DA?

    Thanks CZ guys!
  2. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    I'm not totally sold on the P-07 yet although from what I have read they've worked out the bugs, so it should be good to go. However, for a first CZ I would get the P-01, or PCR (similar to P-01 without the lifght rail). These are both excellent all around range, carry, home defense pistols. I carry a PCR daily.

    If you want something full size, and heavier more for range and HD, the SP-01 is tremendous, especially the all steel SP-01 Shadow, athough I have shot the polymer SP-01 "Phantom", and it was also excellent. If you're going to go CZ polymer, the Phantom is a sure bet.

    You can get all the CZ triggers slicked up if you want but they do get a lot better with dry firing (with snap cap) or some use. The Omega trigger on the P-07 is very nice, and can be switched by the user with little effort from manual safety for both DA/SA, or cocked and locked carry to a decocker.

    In any event, if you get one CZ, your next one won't be far behind. I have a 75B, PCR and the excellent Kadet Kit and looking to add an SP-01 or P-01 in the future.
  3. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    I'd get the P01.
  4. tekarra

    tekarra Well-Known Member

    For what type of shooting do you want the pistol?
  5. viking499

    viking499 Well-Known Member

    I would rather have the PCR or P01............I can say that because I have both.:D:what::D
  6. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    From what I can glean, listening to folks who know these guns, the P-07 has the new Omega Trigger. It is good, but arguably not as good as the standard CZ trigger CAN BE with a little gunsmith help. It's apparently harder to improve the P-07 trigger, but that trigger is pretty good out of the box, and that mechanism allows the user to switch from safety to decocker mode on their own.

    There are folks who complain about the lack of "refinement" in CZs, citing their poorly-finished internals, etc. That's BS. The metal-framed CZs are well-finished where they need to be, but not where it does nothing but look good. That has always been the CZ way.

    You said your wife will use it for HD, and she's recoil sensitive: the heaviest gun would be the best gun -- the SP-01 (safety model) or SP-01 Tactical (decocker model)

    By the way, you talked about the P-07, but CZ also makes a P-06 which is the same gun as the P-07, but in 9mm. [CORRECTION and thanks to PILOT for noting my error here, clarified in message #8, below: the P-06 is .40 version of the metal-framed P-01, and it is NOT the same gun as the P-07; but there is 9mm version of the P-07!] The P-07 is about a half-pound lighter than the SP-01... and that would translate to a bit more recoil, but polymer frame guns often seem to absorb a bit more recoil than steel guns, so that may be an offset.

    Most CZs have a long first trigger pull if starting from hammer down; they can be safety started from the half-cock notch, which shortens the pull and lightens it a bit, and there are after-market triggers for the older models (P-01, SP-01, standard 75B) that improve (shorten) the length of pull even more. Some folks simply CANNOT handle that long first trigger pull; but starting from the half-cock notch makes that less of a problem; the decocker models all do that automatically. (I'm not sure whether that's true with the P-07, as I've not owned one of those, yet, nor been close enough to one to hand it.)

    All this said, what we tell can you here about what's the best gun for your wife's use is largely irrelevant; you need to let your wife handle the various models and try the trigger -- which you should be able to do in a gun shop. If you can't get hands on any of those guns before you buy, DON'T BUY!
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
  7. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    Walt, maybe I am reading your post wrong as your knowledge of CZ's far outpaces mine, but I believe the P-07 is 9MM, and the P-06 is .40 S&W, and similar to the 9MM P-01.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
  8. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    My knowledge of the P-06 and P-07 doesn't outstrip yours -- as you had it more right than I did.

    The P-06 is the .40 version of the P-01. (Brain flatulence on my part.) The P-07 is available in both 9mm and .40.

    I haven't been able to do hands on on either model, yet, so theory wasn't up to reality in my case. http://www.cz-usa.com/products/by-category/handguns/

    Sorry to those reading for confusing things.

    Sounds like a P-07 in 9mm is an option for the OP, if he can get his (and her) hands on one.
  9. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    I knew what you meant. CZ fanatics get your gist, so no worries.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2013
  10. tuj

    tuj Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I'll call around and see who's got what in stock.

    This will be a HD gun with occasional IDPA use.

    I'm comfortable with either the safety or the decocker systems, but I have a preference for the decocker which is how my other HD gun works. Therefore the DA pull is important to me.
  11. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    X2. Just wanted to clarify for my own knowledge as well as for the OP.

    OP. If it is for carry, and IDPA, I'd get the P-01 or PCR.
  12. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    P01, absolutely. I have one and it works well in our IPSC games.

    I've only handled the P07 and found it to be a step backward. Grips aren't as ergonomic and it just felt cheap.

    A caveat. Don't hesitate, get the Wolff 15# hammer spring for it. After that maybe a fiber front sight.
  13. sleepyone

    sleepyone Well-Known Member

    I would love to find a CZ85 Combat in .40S&W or 9mm! They are like the elusive Bigfoot right now.
  14. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    They don't make the 85 Combat (or the 85B) in .40. (Don't know why that is the case...)

    You will just have to hunt for one in 9mm. (Mine is about 10 years old, and in Satin Nickel. Looks like new.)
  15. Fire_Moose

    Fire_Moose Well-Known Member

    Ya the satin nickle 85 combats are great....


    useless signiture
  16. hemiram

    hemiram Well-Known Member

    The P07 is the only CZ pistol I've ever shot that I wouldn't buy. I want a P01 and an SP01, in metal, the way they should be.
  17. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    I have a P-01 and I think it's a very good pistol right out of the box. Yes at first the DA trigger pull is a little heavy and a little gritty but that has improved quite a bit with more and more use. I don't know about other folks CZ's but the internals on this gun are very clean with no visible tool or maching marks anywhere. The sights are fine too as they are very easy to pick up and bring onto target quickly. Next to the Browning Hi-Power the P-01 has one of the most comfortable and ergonomic grips of any 9mm. out there. All in all it's a great choice among the many different models that CZ has to offer in 9mm.
  18. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

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