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Czech 7.62X25 Surplus Ammo

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tsanford405, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. tsanford405

    tsanford405 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I am looking for a place to buy some Czech 7.62X25 military surplus ammo for cheap. Anyone know of an online supplier, or somewhere I can pick it up around Kansas City? I read that this was loaded very hot, and sounds like fun, is this true? Are there others loaded this hot? Thanks!
  2. revhigh

    revhigh New Member


    360 Rounds for about $37. Can't be beat. If you're a member, you can get free shipping by using coupon code SPGK380, and yes, it is HOT, and yes, it is fun. My CZ52 throws the brass about 40 feet. Glad I don't collect it !!!!!!

    REVHIGH !!!!!
  3. tsanford405

    tsanford405 Well-Known Member

    Rev... you are beautiful! :) I love the prospects of that. I am ordering a CZ-52 VERY shortly. I want to pick up some surplus from a couple different countries. I also found a website with some blanks for cheap. Thought that might be fun to psych out friends when showing them how accurate it is, I will have them shoot the mag with the blanks at the target! :) Any recommendations on accessories for one?
  4. magripa

    magripa Member

    I have some for sale if interested
  5. briansp82593

    briansp82593 Well-Known Member

    im in liberty and there is a gunshop in claycomo they have loads of 7.62x25 i dont know how much
    heres their #

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